Tuesday, March 8, 2005

Just some things I am meditating on from my daily reading

 March 8, 2005 Read The Bible in a Year Plan from Bible.com For some reason I am sad for Moses, that he died before the children of Israel entered the promise land.  I know it says it was because of his disobedience to God, when he struck a stone and made water come.  There is a lesson some where in this I know.  Even the great servant of God's is not above his rebuke.  And I know he has an even better reward with him now that he is with God in heaven.  A few new things I didnt know before was that Moses was 120 when he died and the Bible said his eyesight was still good and " nor his natural force abated", I take that to mean he still had a sound mind?  He was mourned for for 30 days. No other phrophet knew the Lord face to face.   Also I think about how he was on that mountain with Jesus, the Transfiguration.(Mt 17:1-8; Mr 9:2-8; Lu 9:28-36) and something about the two witnesses/prophets described in Rev 11.    Just thought it was intresting and wanted to mark it down for later.

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  1. yeah I guess none of us is above it. But someitmes we sure do think we can sneak by. Lori