Friday, March 4, 2005


This was my oldest daughter, AnnMarie, 8 yrs ago today!


I will have to sneak a picture of her when she gets home to show how big she has gotten!  She is not my baby anymore *tears*

AnnMarie is my second born, the one I thought I could not possible love as much as my first born.  What a silly thing to think, but I was only 20 and had all this love for my son who was a blooming toddler.  She has taught me that a mother's heart grows with each child and there is always room for more!

When Annie was born I wanted to watch her come into this world, I had a mirror so I could see it all. ( Some think eww gross but na it's not) Annie did not want to drop and come into the right position, yet I was dilated and ready to go.  They broke my water and discovered mixed in the fluid that she had already pooped.  Not a good thing.  She had doctors just for her standing by to vacuum out her little lungs once she came.  I was so mad that one of the nurses kicked the mirror and I couldn't see.  I was told later, after we were already home, the cord was wrapped around her neck and they didn't want me to panic.  If you think about it, modern medicine is a marvel, think if she had been born at a different time in History, she had two medical strikes against her.

Annie is the biggest baby I have had weight wise.  She almost weighed 10 pounds.  Zane was just 8 and Lilly and Sophia my small ones, around 7.5 pounds.  Annie has always been big for her age in height and weight but the doctor says she is very well proportioned and is not obese in any way.  Some of the girls in her class are tiny compared to her and people often think she is 10 or 11 instead of just going on 8. (I hope this trend doesn't continue into her teens for obvious reasons lol) 

We named her AnnMarie because we wanted an A name since our son had a Z name and Marie is a popular middle name on my side of the family. But her name is one big first name, AnnMarie, she doesn't have a middle name. We have also found out that Ann is a name that is on Josh's family tree going way back.  So she has a very traditional name.  That is something we wanted because Zane, her big brother's name is very untraditional.

Josh nick named her little gremlin because of the sour look she had on her face and how she would seem to be so grumpy. Well, if your first few minuets into this world were like hers, a cord wrapped around your neck and then a tub stuck down your throw to vacuum your lungs, you would be a bit upset too.  I called her my little girly girl and told her to pay no attention to her silly daddy.  Zane loved her right away and became a good big brother, always wanting to protect her.  I don't have any horror stories to tell of him trying to get attention because he was jealous of the new baby.  If he would of had his way the new baby would of slept with him lol.  Wish it was still that way!  Now they have that sibling rivalry thing going, they pretend they can't stand each other, but really they are closer than they let on.

Today Annie is a soft spoken girl who loves Barbie and playing house and she also is starting to love to read and write in her journal. She loves Jesus and reads to me from her Bible before bed.  When asked what she wanted for her birthday she said, Chapter books, a bible cover, and dresses.

 I was just up at school to deliver cup cakes (store bought ofcourse, that is a post in of it's self gurr) for her class and had a nice chat with her teacher.  I was wondering how she was doing since she had missed so much school lately due to the lice and if she was falling behind.  Her teacher insisted that she was doing very well, especially in math (a surprise to me) and that she could stand to practice her reading more but she is doing well.  She is a good speaker and thinks before she speaks.  To quote the teacher she said you can tell Annie has a lot going on in her head before she talks and she is just trying to articulate it. (like me lol)  I asked how she was doing socially, if she was being teased at all.  The teacher said that no one was and that every one is very understanding that sometimes, lice just happens, it isn't anyone's fault.  She said she wouldn't say she is the most popular but that she does have a lot of friends.  The only issue she had with her was that one time she squeezed a whole bottle of glue on to a boys chair. The teacher has no clue what possessed her to do such a thing, Annie is the last person she expected to do something like that.  I was shocked too, it was the first I was hearing of it. LOL

Lilly and Sophia are busy making cards for their Big Sister and I am thinking of making a cake.  Lilly insists it should be a pink one with Barbie on it.  We have not planned a party or anything.  Josh and Zane are thinking of going out of town this weekend to go see his mom.  This weekend is the one year anniversary of Granny's death and Josh is thinking he is going to go see his mom to cheer her up.  I was planning on taking the girls out to the mall and go to a movie and maybe a game of maitre golf.  Apparently Annie is excited about that since she already told her teacher that was what we planned on doing.


Why do our babies have to grow up so fast?!


  1. awwwww Happy b day annie!!!!!!!!!!  Yup nothing like that thought you cant love a second as much as the first. I felt the same but  I tell you there is more than enough love ot go around. Lori

  2. Happy Birthday to Ann Marie. Isn't it odd the way a mother's love never runs out? God makes sure our love tank is always on full. Hugs, hon. *Barb*



  4. Happy belated birthday to AnnMarie!