Saturday, March 5, 2005

Don't let those innocent smiles fool ya.. It is going to be a long time before we do that again!

Picture from one of those photo boths at the mall

What was I thinking?! Sure it seemed like a good idea, a day at the big Saint Louis Mills Mall to celebrate Annie & Lilly's Birthdays.  4 girls + One MOM= tiered and broke!

Josh is out of town with Zane so it is just me and the girls this weekend.  I promised Annie that she could take a friend with us to the Mills Mall so we could play a round of miniature golf and some window shopping.  Annie and her friend were fine for the most part, it is my other two that I should spank for being so naughty... Especially Sophia!  It is like she has reverted back to the terrible 2's lately!  And Lilly has got this crying and whinny at the drop of a hat down to a science.  I wish I could of enjoyed the round of glow in the dark min golf but I spent more time chasing after Sophia then actually putting. Ohh and she is a thief!!!  We went into a toy store and she had my hand the whole time but I was distracted by trying to keep an eye on Lilly and Annie that I didn't notice Sophia had picked up a toy as we walked out of the store.  We were half way down the mall before Annie noticed that Sophia had a toy in her had.  Embarrassing.. I marched her right back to that store and returned it.  At least they all ate their lunch and was happy about picking out one thing from the dollar store.  Sophia must of been missing her nap time and insisted on the pillow you see her holding in the pic.  Lilly got a stuffed Bee (that I may steal from her if she doesn't stop fighting over it with her sister) Annie got a Barbie Photo Album.. ofcourse now she wants pictures to fill it up lol.  We stopped in at the Bible Outlet store to look for a Bible cover for Annie's but again.. I spent more time chasing Sophia around the store and finally gave up and opted for a Carsoul Ride at the food court.  Ohhhhhh and I did finally find a store that carried the charms for my bracelet.  I was overwhelmed by all the choices and also trying to keep one eye on my brat child.  I finally just got the letters for my middle name.. BEA.  I will have to go back when I have more money.

Normally my children are well behavedand KNOW how to act but it is like today they went buck wild!  Tomorrow better be a better day and if they act like this at church.. well they will be praying for salvation from my hand on their bottoms.

I am exhausted and a bit lonely with out Josh. Going to try and catch up on some reading and then off to an empty bed.



  1. someone had a LOVELY day!

  2. dont ya just hate when you start out to do something good and the kids act up and it ruins it. !!!!!!!!!!!! Lori

  3. I am glad you survived.It sounds like enough to wear you out.I love Mom and daughter days.

  4. LOL the part about their -salvation- was funny.  Rambunctious girls, but it sounds like a fun day!!  

    Yes my church is huge, blah I don't like it!

    Love ya!


  5. awe you poor thing. I know it's just hell with Bri at the store never mind four.