Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Yes the dreaded H word...






I can't tell you all how incredibly BLESSED I have been by the people who read what I have to say.  Especially this week it seems like God has been moving and shaking and some how or another he choose me to be in the middle of it.  I posted that Humpty Dumpty thought to my prayer group and the response is overwhelming. Anna even re-posted it on her journal.. cool! I know the comment section seems to be running bear lately but wow to the e-mails I have been getting.  I am just so honored.  I am just being me and giving the words I feel he has given me to share, nothing special I think but to some ppl who need that word right then and there I know it can mean the world.  I have seen God move in some mighty ways the last few weeks.. a friend receiving Christ into her heart...WOW PTL! Another friend just being really down and receiving the word of encouragement and starting to feel the presence of the Lord back in her life again.. Awesome! I am very excited about the person who asked for permission to use my testimony about abortion in a report her daughter is witting.  I really wish some of these ppl would post their praise reports on the prayer group and not just the private e-mails.. everyone needs to see how he works in your life, it helps others who are waiting on that answer that yes indeed he hears you and answers.

I love my journal and I LOVE praying for other ppl.  Talking about the Lord with others or just being there for a friend is something I enjoy very much.  LOL plus I love journal/blog hopping and getting a peak into others lives.

But this is where the H word comes in.  The other day my husband, who really doesn't have a clue to half the stuff I do online made a comment that I have to address.  I give too much of myself to the computer.. he says.  Yep, sure I do, I totally agree.  Sometimes it is very hard for me to find that balance between computer time, being online and doing other stuff with the computer and offline in the world and doing stuff for my family and home.  I want to scream.. don't you know that because of ME this or that person has been effect, don't you know this is part of something bigger than us.. but that is *gulp*the wrong attitude, that is pride. It isn't anything I do, but all God.  If not me then some one else who is a servant will be there. My first and for most ministry is to be to my family.  If I am not taking care of them and myself the way I should be I certainly can't do anything for anyone else.  Right? Right!

Every now and then I have to take a Hiatus and get my focus back.  I know the Women's Retreat this weekend is going to help a lot with that.  I am looking forward to that time away and what ever God has to show me.  Oh yess I will be back with notes and pictures, you better believe it! Don't go taking me off your alerts just yet.  I wish I could take all my online friends with me! LOL I know this is going to be a great bonding time with some of the other ladies from church.

I think for now I will be off until at least next week.  So I can process from the retreat and get my focus back on my home life.  Again I say to those who are my real close friends who have my #, if you need me call me.

Much Love,


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  1. well I hope it all your expecting and THEN SOME!!!!!!!!!!! Like I say I cant do those things. I cant be with people all weekend or share a space with others. Its so hard to keep thinking over and over gain replaying did I say this right or do taht right or did they nderstand me and the feelings of feeling out of place are just overwhelming. MY BODY LITTERLALLY SHUTS DOWN> I mean really . it happend a few years ago. We were cleaning that whole school building we meed in for Passover. That is not even close to your typical spring cleaning. ON top of that we had todo our house. If you ever do a study Passover is to show us how hard it is to get sin out of our lives. Wehn you have to boil every pot and pan and every untnisl in the house and have to pull every box and dish out of the cabinets and clean eveyr crumb when you have to do that to every closet well you see sin is everywher.e Its a great representation. But to do it in a weeks time and keep the bread (Leven ) out to TWO Places and one as big at our fellowship well its overwhelming So after Passover I kept saying I needed to go. Todd yacket yack. finally at 1 am we leave and I had my episode. I tottaly passed out. They said my eyes were weird and my speech wouldnt come. I moved my mouth. No words. when I came back my speech was slurred. I just cant take constant people communications. I have worked hard in the sun and done things for days on end. But when its with people Crowds I cant take it. anyway I know you love these things and It will rejuuvinate you. I know you will have a blast. Im sure. You dont seem to feel out of place anywhere. Lori