Tuesday, March 8, 2005

Don't let that crown go to your head my dear.

Lilly ruled the day in her birthday crown.  Her first comment was, "You know mom, queens make decisions".  She wanted to decided everyyy thing.. what shows we would watch, what we ate, basically control freak lol.  I played along for awhile, after all it was my idea to let her be Queen Bea for the day.  She quickly appointed Sophia the princess and bossed her around all day.  But when she demanded that I bow before her that was the last straw.  I told her "For one Lilly, I only bow before one person and that is Jesus and secondly little girl, you are only queen by title, you have no power or authority" LOL I hated to have to burst her little bubble and she is disappointed that her rule only was for one day.  But aww she is pretty darn cute!



  1. yup give an inch LOL but sounds like she had so much fun no harm seeing how far she could go with it LOL Lori

  2. tell lilly that i have the same bee as her!!!!!!!!!!! yay us!

  3. LOL Queen Bea! How cute. LMAO SHE DEMANDED YOU TO BOW.  Lmao lmao.

    What a cute little girl.  <3


  4. LOL how cute, queen Bea.  I used to let my kids make decision on what we ate and a few other things on their b-day's.