Wednesday, March 16, 2005

I went to look at the video to laugh but instead was encouraged and amazed

I was reading one of my daily e-mails yesterday and one was from Accuracy in Media and clicked the link to thier blog to read about the fight over the interview for the women who was held hostage by the murder who shot up that court room and killed all those people. I have not kept up with the story at all. Just read the little head lines here and there.  The blog left a link to the interview where you could see in the back ground a producer guy upset on his cell and then being carted away  by police.  It is nothing new to me to see how the media acts over big stories having lived threw it with my sister when my niece was kidnapped, so I wanted to go and laugh at the guy and didn't even think I was going to pay attention to the interview. But I did and was amazed!  MSNBC - How hostage got Atlanta suspect to set her free Wow!  I was just talking about The Purpouse Driven Life book with a friend.  I read it last year.  I get thier daily devotional in e-mail from thier web site. It is amazing that this women was able to read to this guy from the book and the Bible, to stay calm and albe to just talk to him about life and God.  A Devine apointment indeed.   Here is Today's Devotional from The Purpouse Driven Life website that deals with what this women did.

Acting Out the Purposes of God
by John Fischer

Chances are youre not going to have an armed murder suspect who has just allegedly killed four people force you into your house and tie you up today at gun-point, but a 26-year-old single mom had that happen to her, and she behaved in a manner that could only be described as empowered by the Spirit of God. She calmly talked her captor into untying her so she could fix him breakfast and read to him from the Bible and from The Purpose Driven Life.

You got out of that courthouse with police everywhere, and you dont think thats a miracle? she told him. You dont think youre supposed to be sitting right here in front of me Your miracle could be that you need to be caught for this. If you go to prison, then you need to share the word of God with all the prisoners there.

Would you have thought of that? Would you have thought that being tied up at gun-point by a convicted rapist and murderer was a part of Gods purpose for you and for him? I cant say I would have reacted like that. But then again, if we are living a purpose-driven life, wouldnt that be true of everything that happens to us? This woman chose to believe it, and what a time she picked to act!


There is a good chance you are going through something right now that seems a long way from the purposes of God. Well look at this situation and reconsider. Heres a woman who assumed it was no accident that this happened to her. She could have freaked out or she could have assumed God was in it and treated it as destiny. This woman didnt just believe; she acted on her belief.

I think we can all take some courage from this today. I know I have issues in my life that I have come to think of as somehow exempt from the purposes of God. Perhaps theres another way to look at it. Ask yourself if there might be a purpose God has in what you are going through; and then ask God to show you what it is. His purposes begin to show up as we believe increasingly that we have an accident-free God and act accordingly. This single mom seemed to gain courage as she went along. Thats the courage that comes from finding out, as you go, that God is empowering you to fit into His plan for the universe -- for you and for those around you.

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  1. Well if you read my journal you will see I am taking action too. On top of what I put in there I also wrote the state insurance commissioner. Maybe it iwll if not get law in place to stop money grubbing adjustors it will atleast make this one think twice before he decides to do what is money motivated instead of what is RIGHT!!!!!!!! and honorable!!!!!!!!!!  You know I m also excited to see your j land entry. Its such an exciting poin t in the story. IM on pins and needles.