Sunday, March 13, 2005


Yesssss I am craving chocolate and you can probably guess why.

Today was a sleep on the couch kind of day.  Josh opted to not work on his side job so he could snuggle on the couch and whip the kids into shape so they would clean their rooms.  Josh has been working nights a lot and his presence has been missed around here.  Especially by the kids who ofcourse take advantage of his nightly absence.  It worries him that he is not around and that it may be having adverse effects on our family life. But for now this is the only work available so we have to deal. He was supposed to work that side job today but I think the ppl will understand and Monday he will finish the job.

We decided to grill for dinner.  Josh had to go get coals from the store and Sophia inisted she come with.  She was very excited to have some daddy time and to get to be the only one to go to the store with him.  I only asked for ONE thing from the store, Tootsie Rolls!  Like I said I am craving chocolate in a big way.  They go and come back.  I look threw the bags.. no Tootsie Rolls. gurrrr

Josh has started some diet, witch he has made me swear not to talk about in my journal or with friends until he sees if it works.. opps guess I just did but I will keep the details to a minimum.  I think I have been very supportive even though I think he looks fine the way he is and he is being silly but I humor him here and there you know.  Let's just say if I had been in his situation and spent what he spent I would be the one on the grill instead of the steaks. Anyway, I only briefly speak of it now because of the comment he made today and why he did not get me my tootsie rolls.

And I quote, "I can no longer be a party to empty calories"

Yes I took off my house shoes and threw them his way.  He is worse than some one who quit smoking and thinks everyone else should. LOL  HELLO! I only go chocolate crazy but once a month!! And that is not the time to be telling me about empty calories or implying weight loss what so ever!!!!  And he wondered what was wrong later and why the stomping around and the mean glances his way.

Heaven help him the day he brings a scale into the house.

Not that I am opposed to being healthy or conscious of what we eat.  I am loving the salads and the juice and I am thrilled he has finally agreed to switch to skim milk.  Ihave been kinda sorta watching how and what I eat for a year now and have gone down two sizes.  I am not to the point where I want to know each day what I weigh.  As long as my clothes fit nice and I feel good I am happy. When ever I have been on my diet kicks do you think I was crewel and withheld his frosted, color sprinkled, sugar cookies he insisted I get him when he had a craving????? NOOOO!  I just didn't eat them.

I guess I can forgive him for not having my will power during his diet.  I eventually ran to the gas station and got a candy bar and ate it in the privacy of my room watching The Devils Advocate (good movie, especially if you want to understand how the devil operates).  I could of been a <insert bleep> and ate it in front of him making mmmm mmm noises.

Oh well, just a few days and then I will feel better and maybe we can get some exercise, if you know what I mean.

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  1. OMG maybe you better get on over to d buamgardner. She posted a 3minutes chocolate cake. Sounds like just what you need. Rachael started yesterday and boy was she crabby. Lori