Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Ladies Retreat Picuters

Looking threw the pictures I am reminded how BEAUTIFUL my surroundings were at the retreat.  The Retreat was held at Cross Point Center in Lake of the Ozarks MO.  We were surrounded by the glistening lake. Some of these pictures will take your breath away.



I really had an awesome time and was so blessed.  I feel very refreshed and my focus is sharper.  I have so much I want to share but I am still meditating on some of what I heard and saw.  I am still taking something of a break from the computer.  I just jumped on because I had to look up directions for Josh and then ofcourse one thing leads to another and I am here posting my pictures. LOL

The whole weekend was a wonderful time of fellowship with ladies from my church and meeting some new friends.  I described it to Josh to be something like a Slumber Party. We stayed up late talking, pigged out on snacks and oh ofcourse we prayed and worshiped and learned and heard from The Lord.

There was some mess about my snoring.. I don't think anyone will ever share a room with me again.  I guess it was so bad a particular lady tried ear plugs and when that didn't work she went to sleep in the bath tub.  I bet she is wondering how my husband can stand to sleep in the same room with me each night.  I am told not to worry, that this lady is a very light sleeper, so I will let it roll.  I can't help it, I am dead to the world when I get into a deep sleep.  I will have to keep that in mind for next year when thinking of room arrangements.

The last set of pictures is of my good friend Kathy bawling her eyes out.  The explanation of that is all weekend she was being teased by us because we knew something she didnt.  She knew her husband was up to something and was calling us all evil for not telling her what it was.  He had remodeled their bedroom to surprise her.  Literally their room did not have any dry wall up because they are in perpetual remodel.  We tried to give her suddle hints but not enough to give it away.  One of the teachings was on the Jewish customs for marriage and how the groom would go away to prepare the bridal chamber.  Ohh when I heard that I had to whisper to some of the Ladies.. THAT is what John is doing.. preparing the bridal chamber for Kathy. LMBO. And all we told her was to just think about the teaching we just heard.  It was great fun to tease her but as you can see she was surprised.  I told Josh any time a man makes something for his wife with his hands it means a lot (hint hint).

My very fav. pic is of sunset by the meditation point where the big cross is.  I think that is going to be my new place to go and pray, my quiet place where I can go and meet the Lord. I had wanted to go at sun up and get another picture of that spot but no way was that going to happen.  I barely made breakfast much less sun up.

I will be back sometime this week with my notes and some words I heard from the Lord that blessed me so much. I hope to catch up with all my journal friends next week.  I should of put a hold on my alerts but forgot so ofcourse my mail box is full!


  1. glad to hear from you, i was starting to worry

  2. Lotsof pics. I owuld die if I did not have socks an dshoes on this time year. Summer i wear NONE but I cant take cold. I have yet to figure out why retreats are held in the cold weather. WHY they go to a pretty place and have a retreat when its not warm to get out and not pretty like fall or summer. I do see you got some pics of somemen lurkers LOL Fishingyeah right LOL It does look like you guys had a great time. I just cant take that kind of stuff. I cant sleep in aroom wtih poeple thats why we have a camper and that is why I camp off to my own. Yeah if that womans hubby is taking her away in achupa bathroom then me thinks that idea stinks LOL Well It sure sounds like you have had a great time.

  3. Wow. Some great pictures here. Retreats are so wonderful. You never feel the same way after going to one. Glad you had such a wonderful time. *Barb*

  4. Some wonderful views.

  5. Glad you had a good time at the retreat.  And thanks for show us the nice shots you got. -Krissy