Monday, March 28, 2005

Back Home!

I have to thank (((JESS))) for turning me on to Southpaw. He is the master rapping the song Baby Got Book that is today's listening in my ~J, a parody of Baby Got Back. Thought I would change it up some, a little faster then the last song I had.

I hope everyone had a blessed weekend.  We had a nice time over at Josh's mom's. Uncle Bob was in town and he was nice enough to be the "Easter Bunny" this year and got the kids a bunch of goodies.  Sophia my 3yrd didn't believe me when I told her Uncle Bob was the Easter Bunny.  "But he doesn't have bunny ears!" she exclaimed. "No but he likes carrots" I told her.  Maybe next year she will understand.  Lilly didn't have any problem with it and still had fun.

Seemed like the Discovery Channel was working over time putting out misinformation about my Lord.  Made me so sick I couldn't watch it.  We did catch the tail end of an old movie about Christ on TMC, the one where John Wayne has a cameo appearance. Ofcourse this one is less bloody then Mel Gibson's Passion Of The Christ so I was able to let the little ones watch it with me.  Even still I kept thinking during the trail and the crucifixion scenes, it was worse then that, much worse, that is like glossing it over and barley scratching the surface of what he suffered. Still I was very moved by the movie. You know kids will say things or ask things that catch you off guard and you can only marvel.  Lilly my 5yrd was sitting with me watching the movie and at the part where Jesus stumbles carrying the cross she said, "The cross must of been very heavy Mommy." "Yes honey, it was very heavy but see even Jesus needed help carrying it, just like with our own troubles we need help, and he helps us." Still it got me in very deep thought about how heavy our own crosses that we bear can be and still it is nothing compared to what Jesus took on himself. She surprised me out of that thought when she was watching the Roman Soldiers nailing Jesus to the cross. She was very upset and said "Those guys in the capes are evil!" What could I say to that?! Yes it is true they were evil but weren't we all when in sin, when we did not know the Truth, he was nailed to that cross for all of us. I told her, "maybe sweetie, maybe but Jesus said No man takes his life, he lays it down for us.  Jesus LET that guy do that to him, he could of stopped it at any time. And he let him do that so he could die for our sins." We watched him die on the cross silently together. I held my breath until he said what I hold to be the most precious promise of all, "It Is Finished". Still gives me goose bumps. I told Lilly, watch, see that he comes back from the grave, that is why we celebrate. When he ascended up to heaven Lilly jumped up and yelled, "he went to go prepare the Party for when he comes to get us!!" I reminded her that yes he did but we only get an invitation if.. we love him today and live for him today. : )


So it is Spring Break around here.  A whole week off from school.. what am I going to do with all these kids LOL. Put them to work, that is what. So right now my feet are kicked up and my older two are doing dishes.  If they get done with out fighting maybe we will go and fly kites at the park. I do have several post plotted out in my head but I am trying to keep a balance with my computer time. They will come.


  1. ah yes it does sound like you had anice time. I bet you need a rest now. I love spring break. I have always loved it. HOW neat. Sure hope you have a wondrful nice spring week to go with it.

  2. What the devil am I listening too? Is SouthPaw like the Weird Al of Christian Music? I found it funny. Thanks for sharing.