Thursday, September 22, 2005

An Itchy day in more ways then one and I am the grandaughter to the Bunko Queen!

Thanks for the support on the Lice entry.  I was just too disgusted to go into it right then but still felt like I had to get it out of my system.  Some of you may recall how I am a veteran of dealing with lice from last year's out breaks.  We had it twice!  This was one of the reasons I got the girls the bobs.. so if I did have to deal with it again it wouldn't take me hours on hours to go threw their hair.  What must of happen.. because we have been VERY religious about having our own combs and brushes, is Annie got it at school and brought it home to her sisters.  Annie doesn't have a bedroom set yet so she has off and on been sleeping in the same bed as Lilly and Sophia sometimes crawls into bed with them.  That MUST be when they got it from each other.  Zane is totally clean but I may go ahead and shave his head.  He has been teasing for the last month that he wants that new mohawk look that is so in.

I got the call this morning while I was in the shower.  I played phone tag with Annie's School's nurse who also called Josh's cell phone and told him what was going on, I got the message from him first.  So ofcourse I had to go and pick her up.  Frustrated I mentioned the fact that she likely gave it to her little sister and ofcourse the nurse was on the phone right away to Lilly's school making sure that she got checked and we all know what that yielded.   I went ahead and told both of the schools that they would be out tomorrow because I DO NOT have the money to go and buy the stuff I needed to treat them till Friday.  Looks like the girls get a long weekend as we get this dealt with.

So after making the rounds in town picking up the girls I checked out the gas stations.  I knew the prices were going to go up but I was hopeful.  I had gone to the bank and deposited Josh's unemployment check that FINNALY got here (just enough to cover overdraft fees and give us a little till he gets paid for this week) and took out $40.  On the way into town I passed a station that was still at the normal (well what is normal these days but the pre-Ritta prices) of $2.55.  But driving threw town all the other stations had gone up to $2.65.  I drove home out of my way and picked up my gas can out of the garage and rushed back out to the one station praying they had not gone up yet.  My van was just past the half a tank mark and Ialso wanted to mow the yard.  Thankfully I was able to fill up at the $2.55 prices but I spent the whole $40 I had taken out.  JUST THINK IF I WAS EMPTY HOW MUCH IT WOULD OF COST!!! I felt blessed despite the kind of day I was having.

When I got home I was excited that I got the gas at the lower price and knocked on my neighbor's door to tell her the news about the gas so she would have the head's up.  I also.. somewhat embarrassed mind you, told her about why I had to go into town.  She was very sympathetic to my plight and was the one who first told me about  Tea Tree Oil (but I do say thanks to those who left the comments about it too) She says she uses it all the time for cuts and puts it in their shampoo.  One little bottle goes a long way and her's has lasted for two years.  She also told me that if I had a deep freezer, a trick they learned up North (Minnesota) was that a pharmacist told them in the winter to put their furniture out side in the snow for awhile and that would freeze any that may be on it, so she suggested that if I put my pillows and stuffed animals into the deep freezer and that may work the same way and be less work. Ofcourse my deep freezer is NOT hooked up and is on the wrong side of the garage for me to plug it in. But I thought I would pass that tip along.  I also asked her to check my head because I have NO ONE else to check it with Josh being gone.  She used to teach preschool and has family that are school nurses so she is a pro at it to say the least.  Good news is I am also Clean! And later in the day she was so sweet and came knocking on my door with a bottle of Tea Tree Oil and split it up with me for my shampoo that the kids use. She said it was at Wal-Mart for $5 and that is much cheaper than the health food stores.

I started stripping the beds and pillows and getting them in the wash and tried to keep the girls off the couches.  Then Zane came home from school and I figured he could help me mow the yard.  Believe it or not, I have NEVER mowed in my life.  I have tried everything in the book to get out of doing it but when it came down to it, IT HAD TO BE DONE, and soon since I am thinking we will get rain from the after effects of Rita.  Talk about a PAIN IN THE... but a good way to make you sweat and get a tan.  There is some satisfaction knowing I did something that is in my book A GUY'S JOB.  I know, I know that is not PC to say and I know many women who love to mow their lawns but I am girly girly sometimes and really.. I have to keep some chores for Josh to do.  I have A LOT of yard and that is not even including the parts I could not mow that is just seeded and still muddy and growing with the weeds. I got that part half done with the weed eater and may finish it tomorrow.  Zane was chomping at the bit to help.  I let him do a part on the side of the house (where no one will see) because I was not sure how he would do.  The sight of my almost 11 year old boy busting his hump with the mower somehow  made me proud.  Next time I will let him do more of the yard.  BUT NOTE TO SELF.. Wear proper clothing next time!  I thought I was being slick by wearing shorts and a tank top so I could get some sun.. besides being slightly burned (tisk I am normally good about sun screen) I had grass stuck with sweat in every possible place on my body.  Talk about an ITCHY DAY!  A shower never felt sooooooooooooo good.  I did use the shampoo with the Tea Tree Oil as a preventive measure and let me say.. that stuff STINKS!  Not real bad but bad enough.  It reminds me of an old musty closet at grandma's house.  But if it keeps the lice away I can handle it.. no one is going to be smelling my hair for awhile.

I have drowned on and vented enough for one late night but I just had to highlight a comment my mom made today on a past entry:

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Remember... keep your pride in check Mary!
Comment from: piggiesmok
"Mary your grandmother was the bunko queen. She love to play bunko. it is in your blood my dear and you didnt even know it. Grandma used to have bunko parties where all her friends would come over to play. they had a group and took turns hosting it. and of course your mom got to fill in when ever they were short a player. Oh what fun.  Its a dice game by the way.
love ya mom"

I still don't know what Bunko is.. but apparently I have more royal blood in my vains then I was aware of LOL  I will have to tell those ladies at church who were talking about it at home group, who the princes of Bunko is and that they have to let me in on a game some time.


  1. yes I belive tea tree oil is what tracy used til she found this other stuff.  she came home late and had to run back to school for parent teacher fellowship so I did not get to ask her. sudns like you have a nice neighbor. I use to mow the yard all the time but Todd just does not want me to so I dont. But yes you got be careful seems like its the sweat that makes you  burn easier . shoudl have taken pics of zanes first mow job girl and share them with us. I nkow the last thing you wanted was lice in your new home . Hugs to you Mary

  2. WTG for cutting the grass! That is an achievement in itself on top of having to deal with the lice and other problems. You are doing good; handling these problems as they come up. Yes, I fear gas will go up again.

    I have every confidence in you that you will not only find out what Bunco is but you will keep the talent in the family and make your grandmother proud :)


  3. Glad you were able to get everything taken care of!  Sounds like a busy, busy day!  Have a great weekend!
    ~Miss O

  4. Yes Tea Tree Oil does not have a pleasant smell, but it does the job! Glad your neighbor got you some. And don't feel bad about the mowing thing. I've never mowed before either. Well, before moving here I was in a townhouse and they did all of the landscaping. So I don't even own a mower. I figured when I got here since the place was fully sodded by the builder in the front back and sides, I wanted to give the yard a chance to survive... I used a lawn service. Well, that bill got a little high with them coming once a week. So I've cut it back to once every other week and that's managable....but I really should buckle down and buy a mower and give my son a chance to do it and give myself a chance to get some exercise. But thanks for the lesson on what to wear and what not to wear while mowing!  :)