Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Maybe if I write down the list it will help motivate me?

Glorious news.. a certain Husband is coming home!!!!! Whaahoo! Shhh we are going to surprise the kids.  But since it is a surprise I can't use my usual coxing for the children to get their chores done.. hurry up and get it done your father is coming home. LOL  To say I have taken advantage that Josh has been gone and been lazy is something of an understatement. I haven't hung the rest of the blinds that I was asked to and the pile of laundry in our room has not been touched, nor has any deep cleaning been done.  But to be fair, I DID MOW THE LAWN!! LOL The children have been fed and bathed and clothed, the cat is not starving and the bills that needed immediate attention were paid, I took the kids to their outside activities and made sure they did their homework and I have not gone too insane. The house is not in all that bad shape but I want to get some of the little things done today so when he does come home it will be to a happy clean house.  So here is the list...

1. Hang blinds in all the kids rooms.

2. Mop the floors

3. Clean the bathrooms

4. Declutter the kitchen counters

5. Fold  AND put the laundry away

6. Make my bed (ya right what's the point if you know what I mean. JUST KIDDING)

7. Vacuum what I can before the vacuum dies. (it gets over heated, we need a new one)

8. Dust

9. Clean up the den

10. Beautify my self with a longggg hot bath (any excuse to get into my wonderful tub), a facial, good smelling lotion all over and especially in the erogenous zones, ohh ya and shave my legs.

As you can see I need to get my booty moving!  Got my timer ready.. I can do anything in 15 min. LOL  I will try and spend 15 min at a time on each zone that I want to get done and then repeat as needed.  (see I am still doing the flylady stuff now and then)


  1. Better get to working fast if you get all that done. LOL. Helen

  2. So happy your hubby is coming home!! The kids will be so excited! I have every confidence you will get everything done on your list :)


  3. a llist and marking off always helps me

  4. Hello there! Thanks so much for visiting my journal, yours is wonderful! Congrats on hubby coming home. Take care and have a great weekend! :-)

    ~ Susan