Sunday, September 11, 2005

A quick one..

Getting ready for church and printing out a map to our house and listening to the FNC.  Can you believe it has been 4 years already and today is 9/11/05?!  I wish I had the time to get into my thoughts and memories and do it all justice but this is just a quick update.

I can't seem to get my picuters loaded that I have planned on doing entries about in the last few days.. thus no entries. LOL.  I have been busy busy with getting the house together and getting back into routine and any time I sit to do an entry I get side tracked.  My mail box is over flowing and I just cant get caught up. 

I feel joy and frustration at the same time.  I feel hurts and disapointments but I just have to remember we dont live by our feelings but by faith.  I am sick of doing mundane things that get me no where in this life and want to get back to the meat of life.  I am weary and am waiting for my Lord.  Come quickly Lord.. we long deeply for your return!  Prepare us.

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  1. amen girl! Bless your heart