Friday, September 30, 2005


  **updated with pictuers so come back and have a look see if you already read this once***





I just spent over TWO hours or so compiling links to journals I wanted to pimp (that is journal lingo for promoting another journal) and commentary about the VIV Awards that are coming up.  I had copied and pasted the web address and grouped them together in a write mail on my AOL software (BIG MISTAKE).  I was all ready to do the entry and decided to add music to it, so I went to my FTP space to upload a song.. and then my woe started.  AOL turned into purgatory (not that I believe in purgatory.. it is an expression) and I had to sadly do the dreaded End Program function on my AOL software and lost all that work I had done!  I thought after restarting my software I could possible regain the info by going to my history on the pull down tool bar.. humf! Nope.. a little lessen learned about that, if you do End of Program instead of the standard sign off all that you have done that day online and the pages you visited are not stored.  Frustrated is not even the word!!  If you can come up with a better one that is with in the limits of TOS feel free to put it in my comments lol.  Not sure if I am going to go back and do all that leg work or be lazy and let it ride. Tomorrow is a busy day and ofcourse Sunday is too.

Also what sucked today.. not that I keep a running list or anything (ya right)...

Who invented stove burner covers?? You know those pretty metal things you put on top of your burners.  Not once but twice (but not in the same day mind you) I have melted mine.  I'm not used to the controls on my new stove just yet obviously.  So I have the nasty smell of burnt plastic/metal all threw out the house... ewww. Good one Mary.. how did you pull that off, you may be thinking lol  Simple.. not watching the stove when browning the ground turkey for chili when I should of been but on here compiling my list.  Shhhh we won't mention that one to Josh.

But the upside today.. umm.. hold on I will think of one, a good one too...

Taking naps with husband.. Visiting with a friend... Good finds at the thrift store..ordering a new book to read...a nice bottle of wine chilling in the fridge waiting for me to open and drink (in moderation ofcourse)...

Ok.. at least the good far out weighed the bad today lol  feeling better.



  1. aww Mary..bad day it was...I'm sorry this happened to you you said just let it go.
    and those burner thingys i never tried so klgjlfxvaghas jvhjajgaigj too them hehe

  2. Oh I ordered Olivia's book too. I can't wait to have it in my hot little hands. I'm so sorry you lost 2 hours of work via AOL purgatory <I think thats a fitting word for it!> Hopefully you'll get the courage to start again.
    Take care you,

  3. what a day - I hate when that happens after working so hard on a journal entry - but never spent two hours working on one. Such diligence!!

    What an awful smell to have in the house today; hope it clears soon.

    I'm going to check out that book you ordered; love to read.

    I hope the rest of the day gets better - with a bottle of wine in the fridge, it should :)


  4. ah I have burned THREE cake takers in my oven and that sthinks and is such a mess on the slots in teh racks. sorryou had that mess and the aol mess up you poor hting