Friday, September 30, 2005

He said, "But you are already HOT"

This is the song we sing to each other in our family....CLICK HERE TO PLAY if it doesnt load

Thanks Lori for sending me the code to put music into entries.  We love Oh Brother Where Are Thou's soundtrack and I think this song fits today.

Welllllllllllllllllllll .. My Man is home.. he was only gone for 8 days but it felt like the full 8 weeks that he was org. supposed to be gone.  Now he is on an in town Job for a few weeks but will likely go back out of town back to the one in Northern ILL when asked.  You know he is at their beckon call.  hehe Wish he was that way with me.

I had told Sophia that we were having a surprise visitor and when the door bell rings she is supposed to answer it.  She was hopping off the walls all day yesterday imaging who it may be.  I DID get most of the stuff done on my list, minues hanging blinds. When the door finally rang at 2:25 she ran to it.. too fast for me to grab my camera as I wanted to. Her look was priceless with shock and confusion.  When Josh informed her that HE WAS the surprise visitor she shook her head no and  had a fit.  While she was happy that Daddy was home she was wanting a little friend over to play and that is what she was expecting.. and I have yet to hear the end of it.  The other children were very excited to see Daddy and after homework was done sat on him all evening as we watched the new movie he had bought.. The Longest Yard (a remake of a movie Josh loves.. it is sad that he is such a big Bert fan)  We also had a very yummy home cooked meal, pouched salmon (in red wine) home made mac in cheese and a good salad.  It turned out good considering I had never pouched fish before and surprisingly EASY!  Thank you Betty Crocker cook book.

Josh was up in our room after he got home *wink* and saw the 3 pound dumb bells I had bought in preparations of me getting in shape and asked what those were for.  I told him I thought I would have 8 weeks to get all hot and in shape for him. Next part reads like a line from a steamy romance novel but it's not fiction, it is my sweet husband.. He grabs me and says You are already hot and leans in and gives me a long drawn out tongue full kiss.  awwwww.. ok no more details.. don't want to make you all blush too much and I try and keep this a PG-13 or so blog.  LMBO!

I'll go in to more about me trying to get in shape some time later.. but just a sample.. when I stepped on the scale bravely for the first time in who knows how long.. the stupid digital thing said Error.. Error.. Something you never want to see on a scale!

Well enough of this love fest.. I have a busy day ahead of me.  Shopping with a friend at a thrift store, grocery shopping, making chili to take over to the In Laws tomorrow, retreating the kids head for the lice because it has been a week and needs the follow up, plus I have a gaggle of bills to go over and pick and choose what one gets paid... Can you tell to day is Pay Day?? LOL


  1. ah what a sweet homecoming it really sounds nice. I love hearing about a couple who loves each other so much.

  2. I see it loading but dont hear the song even when I click. if I move my mouse over it is says sunshine.mp3 so I it looks like you loaded it right YOur screen name shows up right. could be just my pc going wrong this morning.

  3. The song came right on in for me. An old old song but still very pretty. It's too funny about the little one getting mad about who was at the door. So much for surprises huh?? Helen

  4. Love that song. The movie was SO GOOD!
    Loved reading about your hubby's thoughtful and 'so perfect" words about the dumb bells.
    Love you
    Barb -

  5. What a neat entry to read; such joy rang through it. Your dinner and evening sounded wonderful! Enjoy your day today.


  6. ohhhh I am so glad your hubby is home I would miss my hubby so much too sounds like you got a lot down on your list good for you it is hard with kids and a new big house hope you enjoy time with hubby and the kids God bless kelley