Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Who knew I would feel this way..

We had to take our kitty to the vet for a shot.. routine stuff, no big deal.  Sophia was with me as we drove him in our van.  Gabe does not like car rides or being in boxes and yowled the whole way.  Sophia had her fingers in her ears by the time we got to the Vet.  Surprisingly we were 15 min. early for our appointment and were shown a room right away after they weighed him.  He weighs 5.1 pounds.  He has no adult teeth yet so they figure he is not quite 4 months old but if we went his weight they could of figured 5 months.  Apparently cats gain a pound a month after being born but I have a big boy for his age.  And no he is not over weight.. just large and in charge lol.  Also she said he looked like he may be a Siemens mix from his markings.  Just my luck, I read that breed is more prone to food allergies but that would explain why he gets such gas when ever we fed him wet food lol. 

I felt like I was taking one of my children to their doctors appointments and dreading the shots I knew was to come.  We waited for over an hour to get it done!! By that time Sophia and Gabe were so restless and board and my patience was running thin. It seems Vets and Pediatricians are the same in the sense they like to see how long they can keep you waiting!  As the Vet and her assistant held my kitty by his scruff and stretched him out to administer the shots I held Sophia close to me trying so we both would not look.  Gabe to say the very least put up a good fight and made a lot of noise.  It was hard to handle for all of us and I was surprised by how I felt so anxious for him.. could this be love? LOL

I have not had a pet other than fish since I was 15 and lived with my grandma. A white kitty named Mickey who was the bribe my mom used to keep me quiet about moving. Since then I have been indifferent towards having a pet. Sure I thought about having one would be nice but  I thought people were nuts for going all goo goo gaa gaa over their pets.

As Gabriel gave me looks of hell and meowed all the way home I felt almost like crying.  As he sleeps in his kitty bed now I am protective over him telling the kids to leave him alone and let him rest and I feel guilty for having to inflict pain on him but just like when my kids have to get shots, it is for his own good.  Maybe I can bribe him with a treat later and get back on his good side and convince him to lay in bed with me tonight. Yes.. I am his Mamma now and Josh is called his Daddy.  We have become one of those ppl who have elevated thier pet to child status. 

AND NOOOO MOM.. we are not going to go nuts like you with your cat Smokey and celebrate birthdays with him LOL but I am more inclined to maybe take your suggestion and give him a Christmas gift with the other children.

Oh gawwwshhhh  how is it going to be when we get a dog?!


  1. it will be worse with a dog but you will be doing b days I guarntee you

  2. Loved your story; hope the cat is resting fine after his ordeal. It will be so much worse with a dog. I never thought I'd love my "son's" dog so much (I secretly think he's mine. Check out my journal and you'll see a picture of mini-paws (koda). He's our third child for sure.


  3. Lovely Story


  4. ha ha ha ha you are your mothers daughter after all. i knew you would treat little gab just like we do smokey.  it was just a matter of time.  i love it and the dog will have a special place too. just watch and see.
    love ya mom