Friday, September 16, 2005

Remember... keep your pride in check Mary!


WE had home group tonight... it was GREAT!  This is the first gathering we have had at our new house bedsides family.  We had 15 people total over (including kids) and all fit comfortable in the living room and the kids upstairs playing.  I was happy to give each couple a guided tour of our house.  Believe you me.. I busted butt cleaning today for this event!  My bedroom has never looked so good nor has my kids rooms.  To my surprise the most compliments were on how nice of a size my utility room (laundry room) was and my master bedroom closet.  I knew ever one would love how BIG my closete was but I was surprised by all the compliments on my laundr yroom.  If I had known I may of spent more time cleaning that part of the house (it is where the kitty litter is and a pile of laundry baskets) 

Josh is already teasing me about my pride.. but I think it is in check.. he just wants me to be that way lol.  I give total glory to God for the awesome home he has given us and marvel at how he has worked it all out.  But having some envious of us is somewhat nice for once, after living off what we did before.. not that we don't still live pay check to pay check (another entry for later for sure).

I was very uplifted by fellowship with others from my church.  It seems when ever I have been running dry fellowship and talking about God quenches what ever thirst I may have.  And besides there is always good food at home group.. lol  Josh made chili and other brought BBQ chicken wings and yummy nummy brownies and cookies. (I neeeeeeeeeeed chocolate right now if you know what I mean)

I was somewhat sad that my new neighbors didn't show up.  They were invited and had excepted the invitation.  I know they were home.  It was all I could do to stop myself from knocking on their door and asking them if they forgot.  Their loss, not mine.. maybe they just plain forgot (all though with all the other cars in our drive way how could they miss the gathering?) Anyway... I  had a wonderful time tonight and that is all that matters.  My soul is resorted and I got to get to know more about my friends from church.

Now if I can just get a game of Bunko started in my hood I will feel like I have made it.  (I have no clue what Bunko is.. from what I gather it is some clicky game some of the women I know play and it is hard to get inon LOL)


  1. Glad you had a good group and enjoyed a good time. I have never heard about bunko but this is one defination I found in google.

  2. Glad you had a good time and your guests enjoyed your new home!  Don't be too hard on the neighbors, they may  have gotten cold feet.  -  Barbara

  3. oh yes a big laundry room and walk in closet is always a plus. every house gotta have those. I do have a walk in closet and decent size laundry. I do too feel blessed also. glad you enjoyed your evening.

  4. Great journal. Can you add my son to your prayer list and list of journals? =)

  5. I'm so happy it went well; you are on the right track that you give the Lord the glory for your house. I have heard of neighborhoods having Bunko parties; I know its a card game (I think) but that's about all I know of it.

    Its funny how the Lord kept your pride in check, if you think about it. You were cleaning the areas that you thought would impress people - the open spaces, the outward appearance ones so to speak, and others who came in were drawn to the closed spaces (closets and laundry rooms) that we are more likely to keep not as clean and cluttered (hope this makes sense). So this is almost how the Lord looks at the appearance of the heart rather than our outward appearance.

    I bet the neighbors could have felt a bit intimidated; not knowing what to expect. Give them another chance; bet they come to something again when invited.

    have a great day in the Lord!


  6. I am so glad you had a good time with your church friends sounds like alot of fun I cannot wait untill we could do that some day soon i hope when we are finished fixing some things. the kids must have had a blast too I would have probably liked the laundry room too a good size laundry room is importanrt you know and where are all the pictures of the house I want to see how far you have gotten on getiing everythong in we are so busy trying to repair paint and move in still but it is all worth it i love it as i know you do and I have not seen you visit my journal latly you are a busy lady too I know bunko i should like to learn also and some other card games well have a good weekend GOd bless kelley

  7. Mary your grandmother was the bunko queen. She love to play bunko it is in your blood my dear and you didnt even know it. Grandma use to have bunko parties where all her friends would come over to play. they had a group and took turns hosting it. and of course your mom got to fill in when ever they were short a player. Oh what fun.  Its a dice game by the way.
    love ya mom

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