Thursday, September 22, 2005

Just great.. a call from the nurse

One word.... LICE.


  1. OH My gosh. thas what I hate from public schools. Its just not worth it. dang it. too costly and troublesome. some schools I think they shoudl actually do some kind of check before they let them in the doors but that would be so humiliating. You poor hting and with Josh gone too. Now my head is itching dang it. !!!!!!!!!!

  2. keep the herbs in thier hair. I cant remember what tracy did so she would not get htem. I ll have to ask but ask your heath food store owner that would be helful. Tracy did it becuase she worked at a day care that had alot of government kids they forever had lice.

  3. one word.....SORRY.

    I'm so sorry; I've never had to deal with them in all my kids' schooling years (thank you Lord).

    Just do the recommended treatment, I guess.


  4. you can get tea tree oil and wash thier head with that.... and as preventive you can mix about a tablespoon in with your shampoo bottle and that will prevent further break outs. Also instead  of the expensive bottles of nix and such you can use things that you probably have in your home anyway. Mayonaise, coat the head and scalp in mayonaise let sit for as long as possible. Shampoo out and comb out all eggs. Make sure to get all the eggs. Also before they go to bed you can either use baby oil or vegitable oil or vaseline and coat the head and scalp in that, put a shower cap over head and sleep all night in it. In the morning wash head real good and comp out with fine tooth comb making sure to get rid off all nits. Live and nits will slide right off of oily hair.

  5. aww so sorry, I went thru that with my kids in school 1 yr, it was awful. I feel for ya :(


  6. Gotta love school huh?  Sorry no great advice.  Sending good lice killing vibes!  :-)
    ~Miss O

  7. Dear Mary~

    Thank you so much for your visits to my journal.
    I completely 'compassion' with you and your family.

    This summer started out with 'lice' WAR.

    A dear lil' friend of my children shared with them. I really sympathize with
    her and her mom too.

    The store-bought treatments JUST DON'T WORK.  RID, Nix, none of them work.

    There is a class-act lawsuit pending against them with thousands of parents, school nurses, and pediatritians posting their experiences of the total 'failure and uselessness' of these products.

    ANYWAY, I thank GOD for the victory over those horrid things.

    GOD gave me this remedy years ago.

    At the time it was just myself and my little 2 and 1/2 year old daughter.

    Knowing it was absolutely impossible to treat myself (picking out the nits and all)...
    I asked HIM to help.

    This is the simple and EFFECTIVE answer:

    Water hot a little uncomfortably so, but not too extreme.  (15 to 30 minutes)
    ICE WATER  (15 to 30 minutes).

    1 treatment. ONE.


    GOOD luck,
    GOD Bless you and your family