Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The fog will lift over my life and the Son will Shine again.

I am so bummed!  I had taken some really good pictures before Josh left yesterday only to find out... I forgot to put in the memory card in the camera.  How did I not catch that?!  I had taken pics of the aftermath of the big storm that blew threw here and some of Josh snoozing in his favorite chair in the living room and I also had gotten some family pics of the kids with Josh.  I was going to print the pics with Josh and the kids and send it to him but now I will have to figure something else out.

The above pics is #1 this morning showing how foggy it is (I had to drive the kids to school in that yuck) #2 our Webber grill in the home site next to ours, blown around from the storm #3 the grill the last time we cooked out #4 Josh being the master of the flame wearing the pirate apron I got him when I was on vacation.

Monday night we had this big storm blow threw with 85 mile hour winds.  It was a really neat light show too.  We were more concerned about our windows and back door that were leaking than the things we had in our back yard.  It didn't even occur to us that we should pull some stuff in from the yard.  When we woke up and happen to look out the back we were shocked to find that EVERYTHING was gone from our yard!  Our grill, 4 plastic chairs, the big planter that had rocks and kids toys in it, a big trash can and interesting of all the big plastic jungle gym.  We found the grill and it's lid and we found 3 of the four chairs, the trash can but the jungle gym is no where in sight and the big planter has yet to be found but I think I spy a ball here and there that belong to us.  I am just glad Sophia's big play car was in the garage and not the yard like it usually is.  I am waiting for it to be not as muddy before I go adventuring around to look for the missing items.

I am somewhat upset about our grill.  It was special because my mom gave it to us one year for our anniversary.  Josh really wanted a Webber and was so happy when mom gave it to us.  Josh told me to just drag it to the garage and he thinks he can fix it when he gets back.  It is only missing one leg.  LOL or we could use it as an excuse to get that big Green Egg cooker I have been seeing or a back yard fire pit.

I also wanted to say thank you to all the encouraging comments in my last entry about Josh going out of town for an extended amount of time.  Some of them had me in tears (good ones)  They really blessed me and were words of wisdom and truth that I needed.  I really do appreciate all of my readers and friends/family in J~Land.  And I am hoping to be able to get back to my regular reading soon and return the favor.  Things should be settling down here soon (haha ya right)

Monday we had a nice family night out (before the storm came threw)  We took the kids as soon as they got off the bus from school and went into town to see March Of The Penguins.  A very cute movie but the movie theater had HORRIBLE picture quality (we will NOT being going there again and will have to just travel further away for movies) I thought about my brother Tommy the whole time because he LOVES Penguins and I know he would of gone nuts over that movie.  I wonder if you can send posters to inmates in prison? Then we went out to dinner at a China Buffet.  Chinese food is always our for special or treat meal so we don't go too often.  No, it wasn't a date night out like I had really wanted but it was still great family time and that is what is important.

Monday and Tuesday Josh and I spent a lot of quality time together and him going threw the list of things I need to do or need to know about how to do while he is going to be gone. He showed me how to hang blinds since I have about 3 more rooms to do and he wrote down all the websites and passwords that he uses to pay some bills at.  I told him I would feel really comfortable if he called one of the guy friends and asked them to look in on us every once in a while.  I was teasing him by saying that way when they call I can pout like a girl and have some one mow my lawn or do the guy stuff I don't know how to do LOL  but no really I would feel safe knowing some one is looking out for us and praying for us too.  I don't know if he ever did call who he said he was going to.

Josh left last night after a good family dinner.  Life goes on but there is this big empty space in our lives till he returns to us.  We will be OK I know and I am not worried about all the little things like I was.  In a few weeks he will either take a day or two to come home or we will go and visit him.  He is about 75 miles away from my mom so if we do go for a visit we will for sure have to make the extra drive up to her and the rest of the family.

I am trying to think of a good project I can do while he is gone that will surprise him.  You know there are plenty of things I can do around here LOL.  Any one have any ideas?  I wish I could get that show While You Were Out to come in and help me LOL.. I'll have to check out their website or something.



  1. yeah while you wer out or that other one I cant remember I realy like it too and it use t come on at 1. or 2 on tlc. robert the guy and the blonde girl are on it. Man wish we could get some rain. did you contact your homeowners about theleaks????????  when you bough thte house it shoudl eb guaranteeted and such. findout if hte neighbors did . I t may just be that if you had 85 mPH winds that someties will even blo thru brick. glad you were safe. I now I ll be praying but i sure hate you missing josh and being without him. Todd and I just oculd not do that. WE dont know how you will stand it. HUGS mary. Is he so far he cant come home any at all

  2. Sorry about the grill; that must have been some big storm - I can't imagine the wind blowing that much. Liked the picture of the fog but wouldn't have enjoyed driving in it.

    I'm not one to do projects around the house so I can't figure out what to give you as an idea for a project to keep busy while Josh is gone; but I'll do some thinking.

    I think you have a good attitude about him being gone and the Lord will sustain you through these weeks.

    Thanks for the review about the March of the Penquins movie; I want to see it.

    I'm glad you had some good family time together too before Josh left.

    take care


  3. Too bad about the grill.  I understand the whole "stuff blowing away" thing.  Our back porch opens up to a 7 acre common area in our neighborhood and the wind that comes off of it behind the house is wicked.  We have problems keeping very much on our porch because of it!  
    Hope your hubby is home soon!  Mine travels twice a year for about 3 weeks each time and I know it's no fun!
    ~Miss O