Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Monday Morning Photo Shoot.. on Tuesday.

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Outsourcing Pictures How much do you trust the people you know with your camera? Because this week's photo shoot is all about trust:

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Give your camera to a child, friend, spouse or relative and have them shoot some pictures. Show us the pictures they take. This will be more fun if you have a digital camera, of course (because they can snap off a whole bunch of pics), and I also find it's a lot of fun to give the camera to small fry, because their perspective on what's photo-worthy is different than the rest of us.

Take the camera, give it to someone else you like or love, and show us the world through their eyes. This is one assignment that could be a lot of fun!


My 4yrd daughter Sophia is the photographer today.  She was THRILLED to be able to hold mom's expensive digital camera but she did better with it then I thought.  I did walk around with her as she snapped away but I let her choose what to click at.  So enjoy.. not sure why she wanted a pic of the litter box but as you will see she is obsessive over our kitty.


  1. I think Sophia did a great job!!


  2. aww she really did do a good job!!!!! and she definitely seems obsessive over the kitty...but thats okay.

  3. aw she idd a good job. great job sophie. Well anyway i love your house and susan also has an angel shelf with lots f angels she just posted pics of it too. How cool.

  4. Sophia did a very good job. very pretty kitty.

  5. Sophia did a great job!!!


  6. She did a great job!  Your kitty is beautiful.  The litter box is hilarious, lol.


  7. She is a regular little photographer. I loved looking at these pics!!
    Love, lisa