Tuesday, December 23, 2003

About all ready

Have a blessed Christmas!Well the Big day is almost here.  The presents are wraped the food is bought, the nativity is up and the kids are bouncing off the walls.  It feels like Chirstmas snuck up on me this year and I don't know why.  Maybe it is cuz there is no snow on the ground here?  Maybe it is cuz I just didn't want to face this holdiay for some reason?  I way over spent and will have to pay the piper some how in the New Year.  We scrapted to gether the last of our money to buy the ham and all the fixings for Christmas Day dinner and there should be left overs for the next day.  We are hosting Christmas Day and had org. planed on doing a goose.  We wanted to be differnt but could not find one.  Friday we also will have company over so I am crossing my fingers that there will be engh left overs for that.  Then this weekend we will drive over to ILL to see Josh's Mom.  So busy buys is coming upon me.  I have to get my house spick and span.

The kids have been loving this big Santa Josh got for his dad.  I have been wishing for my camcorder to come so I could record how cute and funny the kids have been dancing with him. UGH but today we found out that it will NOT be here by Christmas! The tracking number we got UPS said it wont be here till the 29th.  Josh called the place he ordered it from online and they was no help and wouldnt do anything since it had been shipped already.  It's so messed up since it was promised to be here by Christmas!  We was looking forwad to having it to tape the kids and all that.  Good thing our whole Christmas didnt hing on this big family gift.  We are bummed but life goes on.  I dought that Broadway Photo will reburst us the coast of shipping like we have asked or that aol shopping will do anything either.  Just one of those things where the little guy gets jipted again.  

Again, It will be a Merry Christmas despite it all! That is my prayer for all of you too!


  1. Have a Merry Christmas. Thanks for stoping by my journal.

    Michelle :)

  2. Merry Christmas to you and your family!!

  3. Even without the camcorder I hope your Christmas was a memorable one. I wish you all a very good 2004. My Regards, Bill.

  4. Hey Mary!! Hope your Christmas was the bestest ever!! Luck to you in the New Year too!!

    That Happy Chica,
    Marcia Ellen

  5. hope your holiday was a great one. that sucks about the camcorder but i hope everything else went well.

  6. Aw I hope the recorder arrives soon! Have a wonderful holiday and happy new year!