Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Something to think about the next time you light your tree

typical lightsChirstmas just isn't Christmas with out them. We have to have them on our trees and for some on the outside of the house.  They make the season so pertty and I for one enjoy riding around to look at them each year. They make us merry and all that jazz.  I am sure you have noticed that on the packages they come in the little made in China tag and I am rovelted by that actualy. Every thing is made there, why is so much of our junk made over in China, what about American jobs and all that.  Something even saddier to think about.  Those lights put together just so we can have a Merry Christmas, are made in force labor camps in China.  And we are not talking about hard core criminals here, we are talking about women, men and children who dont tow the State of China's line and do such horrible crimes as Talk about Jesus or talk agenst the comminist regiem. Over a Million people are in these prisions. They produce most of the GNP of China.  Have you ever taken one of those little lights apart? Ever try putting them back together in a rush?  Not so easy.  Think about having to do that for 20 hours a day. Think about if you didn't meet the quota for the day the beating you would get, the food that would be with held. Think about living in a cell smaller then most of our bedrooms with 40 other prisioners.  Hard to beilve but it is very true.    So next time you light up your tree or house, say a little prayer for those who made those lights for you to enjoy with thier blood and tears.  Say a little prayer for the pursicuted church who would not reject Christ and choose to bear thier cross for him in such prision camps. Think about that the next time you light your tree and the next time you want to wine about how hard you have it.

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