Saturday, December 6, 2003

Dancing with my FatherGod in Fields of Grace

   Last night was a special one at church.  We had just a night of Praise and Worship and it was awesome!  There was two other churches there and it was great to meet new brothers and sisters in Christ. And it was free exspression of Worship, didn't have to hold back.  We danced and jumped and just like children in the presence of the Lord.  I did let my kids run the iles and dance freely too. (some what frustrating to chase them around church, but it seemed ok this time and they was so cute. lol Sophia had to wear her little tutu)Praise The Lord Jesus!

I loved the diverse music styles and just freely being able to hug my family in Christ and say I need you and You need me, to encourage eachother and to fellowship.  But mostly to sing together unashamed, to be like a little child in the presence of the Lord.  How it should always be.  My spirit was refreshed, and stirred. It was like a little glimps of what it will be like when we all will come together and with one voice and one heart worship at the feet of Jesus.  No one will think about our differnaces but will only care about one thing, Worshiping the LORD and giving him Praise. 

If you ever feel that he is not there, just start to PRAISE him for all the blessings and Worshiping him for who he is.  He dwells in our praises you know! Do it now!  It is the best way to shake off any depression, to surender to him and be still and just KNOW he is there.


  1. this was a really touching entry. i'm glad you had such a wonderful, beautiful night.

  2. Huny I was blessed reading what you expereinced and it brought back memories of my walk with Jesus also refreshed me I could feel in my forehead a refreshing go thru me as I was reading it and a smile put on my face too...: )....thank you so much for sharing.