Friday, December 19, 2003

It will be a Merry Christmas anyways part1

  (more holiday blinkies on the BTB photo section)

I made the mistake lastnight of staying up way too late playing Pongo games.  Was going for the jackpot on bingo and then switched over to the squishy game.  Anyways you know what happens when I stay up till 3:30?  I sleep in till noon the next day.  NOT A GOOD THING.  I was awake engh to get my older two off to school and get Lilly and Sophia changed and fed, then I took them with me to my room and put the toons on and fell back to sleep.  Waking up to Sophia trying to put my make-up on me sounds funny to you but not to me.  And I know, I can hear what Josh would say in my head, "you have no one to blame but yourself, should of been watching them!" Ofcourse that voice is right.  Then I walk into the living room and I would of took a picture for ya, but it was too shameful. Broken ordiments all over, scarry cuz they could of been cut on the glass.  The gifts Annie and Zane made for us under the tree, ripped open and unwraped.  Cereal all over the house!  Sure the extra sleep was good, but the aftermath has taken over hour or so to clean.  Not to mentchen my anger at the girls and mostly at myself.  So this puts me in a real humbug mood.  I had to pay my gas bill today and did it on the phone.  Charged me $4 to pay it that way, what a scam, but yes, if i had paid it normal and on time I wouldnt have to worry about that, again, that is what I get.  Looking at my money situation is depressing me.  When Josh got his vacation check visions of shopping and finaly getting to get the kids what I wanted to for christmas, danced in my head.

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