Thursday, December 11, 2003


Bill's Journal entry today has inspired me. It is no wonder I see him as a father figure, he is so much like my dad, but all in the good ways. 

 The IHOP is a special place for me.  We only go there for when we want to treat ourselves. You may think, oh it's just a crummy pancake place, why hold it in such high regard? Well, found childhood memories that is why!  That is where my dad would take us for special, for a treat, or when he just wanted to make us happy.  He even made up a song about it lol "I hop, I hop, we're going to the IHOP." And we would hop as we went into the restaurant. It took me until I was a teenager to even know that IHOP was initials and not the real name of the International House of Pancakes.  My first smiley face pancake mmm No other time are we allowed chocolate chips for breakfast.  It was where I got to taste all the different kinds of syrup.  Strawberry is still my fav!  Should see if I can get that for home at the store.  Now that I think about it, it has been way too long since we have been to the IHOP.  I need to hop my way over there this weekend with my own kids!! LOL

Also today Bill spoke of Black Berry Brandy for his sick wife.  That is so funny!  My dad hardly ever drank but if he had a really bad cold he would break out the Black Berry Brandy.  And it had to be Black Berry Brandy, no other kind would work!  He said one shot of that will chase away any cold.  Oh was he pissed the one time he really needed it, I had raided it being the stupid teenager I was. Heehaw I blamed my brother.  Last week when I felt like I was getting Sophia's cold I looked in the grocery store for some, I hardly drink anymore and was amazed at the big isle and all the different kinds of booze.  Sigh but NO Black Berry Brandy!


  1. aww i wish i had memOriez! of my dad!! he has never been in my life.-PiNky

    checkout my journal sometime

  2. i love taking madison to ihop. my favorite it the rooty tooty fresh and fruity breakfast and i always get the apple and cinnamon as my

  3. My favorite childhood memory place was the Horn & Hardart Automat. Every year for my birthday we went in to NYC and saw the Christmas Show at Radio City. Pop would stop at the Automat for us to eat prior to the show. Since it was my birthday I would get a roll of nickles and could buy anything I wanted. My favorite place inside, was the lion head coffee spout on the huge urns. I'm glad I got you thinking about "old times" and your Dad. Regards, Bill