Wednesday, December 10, 2003

We are adults right,This isn't JR High Is it?

As some of you may recall last week I had to stay home with my baby cuz she was sick and I handed over the G.S.meeting to my CO-leader to do at her house.  No biggie, Annie was still able to go and I just thought they was going to work on the sitt-upons and troop blanket we had talked about at the last meeting.Funny though that when she returned home they did something totally different, still no biggie, but then that is where little things become big things.My CO-leader dropped off Annie at the house and told me that they deiced to have two more meetings this month, cuz they didn't want to have any close to Christmas, and they felt like they haven't really worked on badges engh and wanted to get some in.And then she hands me the dues and the receipts for what she spent on the meeting.Now we had not discussed her buying things for this meeting, maybe since the girls was going over after school, a light dinner of hot-dogs, but that was it. She hands me two receipts that add up to over $35!  First I told her, we have been working on badges alot, just cuz they aren't in hand yet, and not totally finished didn't mean anything. And besides the point isn't to see how many badges we can earn but to have fun and learn new things. Next, I looked at the recites and told her, I still have to pay for the neighborhood party next week and I haven't made the deposits for this month, I don't think we have engh in the account to pay all of what she bought, but I will look over the check book after I make the deposits and see what we have. Then she goes into this speal about Well, how can that be? According to her calculations there should be over this and that in there.  I said well for one I didn't do this months deposit yet, been sitting in the troop folder, and also I could show her the checkbook and all the receipts if she would like. Then she goes into that OH we should appoint a parent to be troop accountant, that would make the meetings easier, and OH we should collect dues upfront for the whole year, that way we know what we got and this and that. 


  1. Hey there Mary, Sorry I haven't visited more often. Been busy with work. But I am really shocked at how they are acting with the troop. How is that fair to the kids, most importantly. I can't believe how people act any more. . Talk to you soon, Ann

  2. PS.. not sure if I sent it too you, but i have started a new journal, so here is the link if you would like to stop by...

    Talk to you soon.