Wednesday, December 10, 2003

We are adults right, this isn't JR High cont..

I said that would be fine if one of the parents wanted to do that (up till now the parents have showed for the meetings but not have much to do with planning and running, I have basically been doing it all and am happy for more parent involvement) but I liked the way we do dues now, because that way my daughter earns her $2 each time and learns to handle money. She didn't really say anything and was rushing to go back home. She didn't tell me what they worked on, or what they had planned for next week.  And them planning an extra meeting they knew I had a training meeting for the day they planned to meet and couldn't attend.  That was a bit frustrating. Anyway flash to this week, today. She called me earlier in the day asking if I could send the handbook with Annie cuz they was doing something from it.  I asked her what they was going to be working on tonight, and she said Oh, I just closed the try it book, I cant remember. OK So she came to pick up Annie for the meeting, I had to cancel the training I was going to go to cuz Josh was on second shift tonight and I couldn't get a sitter, she came in and we talked for a minuet. I gave her the hand book along with the record keeper I have of what all we have worked on these last few months.  I asked her specifically to update it from last week and tonight and give it back to me to put in the binder. She said that is great and that she would have Annie back by 8:10. I also said to her, that I felt that I personaly would give her half of what she spent last week, that was fair, but let's leave the troop money alone so there is more for activities and buying badges and that I can get that to her this weekend. She was rushing to leave and said that would be fine and whate ever.

Well, 9:00 rolls around, my other kids are in bed and I am waiting and getting a bit worried.  It is rainy tonight and cold, never know about ice.  I called to where the meeting was and the phone was busy, busy, busy, busy, as if it was off the hook or something.  I called another parent's house to see if she was home yet from the meeting but her husband said she was still not home.  OK 9:40 I finally get threw! 

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