Friday, December 19, 2003

It will be a Merry Christmas anyways 2

Almost every year has been a sparce Christmas for us, sure the kids dont notice cuz the grandparents and reltives always take up the slack.  This was going to be the year I got to do it right, do the shopping and make the big dinner.  Well what we paid for the digital camcorder hasnt even come out yet and our account is looking thin.  I promised to help my sis with her rent next month as our presnt to her and her girls.  I hate banking and bills, after all is said and done I will have maybe $100 for all my kids and for Josh and for the Dinner I had planned on serving Christmas day to the relitvies.  Times like this is good to remember that gifts are not important, but the thoughts behind them.  Lilly will be happy with just a jump rope, that is all she asked for, but ofcourse I wanted to get her a littletikes play kitchen.  And I am sure I can get Zane one of the books from LOTR and tell him the rest are on thier way.  Annie will be happy with a new diary and some pertty hair things I am sure, that barbie she wanted can wait till her birthday again.  Sophia is easy, she is still a baby and just wants to unwrap something.  Josh needs sock, forget that cooler he asked for or that robe, lets be practical again this year.  So much for the shopping spree I had dancing n my head and I can wait for new clothes for myself, I am not totaly done with my weight loss, but I am sure Josh is sick of me wearing his pants cuz mine are way to big for me anymore.  It will still be a Merry Christams because we will remeber that we have been blessed with so much and that the Gift given to us by Jesus Christ is so much more valuble than any earthly treasure.  Amen.


  1. I really like your journal!!!!

  2. Ho!Ho!Ho!. My son Robert and I just stopped by to wish you a most joyful and "Happy Holiday". May God Bless and watch over you, your family and friends. And may the New Year bring you and your's the best that life has to offer you.

    John G & Robert G.

  3. i'm in the same boat so don't feel bad hunybea. i actually got up with madison the other morning, fell asleep in the chair, she broke ornaments, took my entire glass of soda and dumped it all over her and the carpet. ramsacked the living room and colored on the tv screen. it was not funny to me! it happens. we're in a finacial bind too b/c of boyfriend's plant shutting down. now i'm kicking myself for not shopping in august when he still made $600 a week.

  4. Aw Mary, your enthusiasm is very very spreading - I am sorry the funds aren't up this year, but with your outlook upon life I have no doubt it will be a very Merry Christmas still. I have some LOTR books Zane can have since I am through with them? Love ya,