Sunday, December 7, 2003

Part 2

The Gospel in a nut shell is this, WE ALL have sinned, fallen short to the Glory of God and for that we are separated from him.  Don't matter if you are a good person or a bad person, we all have a sinful heart, we all have lied or thought things we shouldn't have. NO ONE IS PERFECT!  But God loves us so much, and longs for a relationship with us.  He longed for it so much and loves us so much that HE took on flesh and died for us, he made that sacrifice that was required for our sins.  ONLY that sacrifice is sufficient to cover our sins, not our deeds or penitence.  And it is a free gift, not something you have to beg for over and over again!  When Jesus was hanging on that Cross YOU was on his mind, Your name was on his lips.  WHEN HE SAID IT IS FINISHED, it was and nothing can be added to or taken away from that.  No matter how bad or how good you are, this gift is open to you. To say yes to Jesus is to receive this gift, a gift of salvation.  Salvation from Hell.  A gift of Life, life abundantly, a gift of HOPE.  This isn't fiction, this isn't gobbly gook.  It is TRUTH. Yet some reject truth for they prefer to live in darkness, than live in the light.  Jesus Died, was barried and roase from the dead on the third day.  He was with his followers for 40days and then ascended to heaven with a promise he will return and bring TRUE peace, that the end of Satan's rain here on earth will come to an end, bring heaven to earth. HE WILL return, are you ready?  If it was tonight, would you be one sealed with the Holy Spirit?  Or if you died today, would you be ready for the Judgment of God?  Would you be ready for all your sins read before you and ready for the punishment you deserve? Or are your sins covered by the Blood of Jesus and that is all he sees is Jesus in you?  That is what he is looking for, NOT your good deeds or works.  Make you choice TODAY, don't put it off for we are not promised tomorrow.


  1. This is awesome...nothing else is needed here.....God Bless you Hunybe4him

  2. Very well said! I believe absolutely EVERYTHING you just said. How sad I am for those who don't. God lives!