Monday, December 29, 2003

Feeling Rusty

Welcome back everyone and sorry I have been away so long.  This was a very busy weekend for our faimly, well the whole week has been.  Almost done with the busy busy time. We had a wonderful Christmas and the kids made out like you wouldn't belive.  I didn't need to worry about getting them gifts from us but I did anyhow. lol. And our visit this weekend with Josh's Mom went wonderful.  It is so sweet to see him with him mommy, who he loves so dearly. This was the first Christmas we could spend together in years with her. It wont be so bad having her live only 2hours away. We came home today with our package from Broadway Photo on our front door.  Happy yet mad.  Duh it had an exspensive camera in it, it could of been swiped off my porch, plus still a bit upset it didnt make it for Christmas.  But we will get over it, now we are playing with it and trying to figure out our new toy. 

 Well tomorrow is another busy day.  We are having a whole Girl Scout day at my co-leader's house with the girls. She planned out a whole day of working on patches and yadayada lol but I am going to bring my blind frined Riley over to talk with them, since we will be learning about Helen Keller.  He has brail books and worksheets for them and every thing.  I will have to do a post about my dear friend Riley some time. Many intresting storys about him and plus he is a big part of our lives.  But I am going to do my next post about Christmas lights.  You will see why.

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  1. glad you're i'm happy you guys had a good christmas. riley sounds interesting, that's sweet he's going to help your troop out!