Sunday, December 14, 2003

Wrestling, snow storm and Christmas Tree

Busy busy and busy.  We had to be up and out the door by 6:45 this morning.  Today was Annie's first wresling meet. She has been so excited about it, she wanted to send invitions to her friends to come and watch her LOL.  Here are some pics of her in her singlet and her wresling.  It was hard to get a good pic in cuz of the lighting and I couldnt get close.  Plus I had to chase Lilly and Sophia around by myself since Josh was coaching.  So we was there from 7:30-11.  It was cool to see those little kids go at it.  Some of them had skills!  Annie didnt win a match but it was close in points.  Josh says she is doing real well for it being her first year.  We tell the kids we don't care if you win or loose as long as you are trying your very best and are having fun.   So ofcourse we have our first snow storm of the year as we are out and about all day long.  It wasn't too bad, seen worse lol.  Just ppl in MO freak each time we get any snow.  I am a Wis. girl so it aint nothing to me, mostly.  As you can see from the pics we went out finaly and got a tree.  Took us about 5 min. cuz we arn't that picky and we was freezing! We had to drive around all day just so we could find the tree lot that Zane's CubScout troop was working, so that our purchase would benfit the troop. STL is broken up into alot of little town ships and Josh wouldnt listion to me when I was telling him he was going to the wrong one, but he did own up to it when he found out I was right lol.   Well more to do still.  Have to be up at church early tomorrow because the kids are in the play and we are having to bring the bread for the dinner.  It crepted up on me, I totaly forgot about it so I am scrambling to do all I need to get done before we have to go in the morning.  Have a blessed day everyone!


  1. we got our second snow/freezing rain mix last night and it's supposed to do more today.ugh...cute pitcures. have fun decorating your tree.

  2. Hi,
    Wishing you well! Sounds great.

  3. Great pics! Hope you got it all done for church! ~Tara