Saturday, December 20, 2003

Look Who is back Out of the Box!

Yes folks he has returned, out of the box.  Only this time he is relaxing, he is on his off hours.  You didn't know Santa was a bikerdude did ya? lol  Looks like he has taken up a bad habbit too!  Shame Santa, what is next a pipe? What an example for the kids! tisk! And Santa, you are inside, what's up with the sunglasses?  You taken tips from Gregg now??  We all know what happen to him, he knocked over a Christmas tree cuz he couldnt see where he was going(so he says).


LMBO  Josh couldn't wait till Christmas to give this to his dad, he had to play with him some more. I would like to blame him for dressing him up and making Santa smoke, but no, it was all me, lol.  I was laughing my butt off though as Josh was putting his new Harley SweatShirt on him, I told him aww look daddy is playing with a big doll.  I would just like to say Santa has quit smoking, that he only gave in to peerpresure this one time (notice it was NOT lit).  Normaly he sticks to his cobpipe.  We all make mistakes lol.

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