Wednesday, December 10, 2003

We are adults right, this isn't JR High? con..

The mom said Oh sorry we got carried away, they just left.  OK, how was the meeting, what did you work on? Next meeting is going to be at my house right? OH I have to go, see you next week.  I am very hot at this point.  It is one thing to have a meeting run long, to maybe 8 since they start at 6:30 but till after 9!BUT not to call and say you will be late!  I was going to have a serious talk with my CO-leader when she got to my house. Almost 10:00 Annie comes threw the door and she pulls off, she didn't even come in to talk with me! She sent the book back with my daughter but not the sheet of what they did that night or last week.  So I asked Annie how it was, did she have fun, and wow you are home late, its time for bed.  She told me that they got to play in SoandSo's room and it was fun and all that jazz.  OK, so basically what happen was after the meeting ended they sent the girls off to play and had a pow wow themselves.  And I get the feeling I am back in JR. High and the click has started and I am on the outs.  Miss ONE meeting and see what happens!!! Needless to say, I am NOT a happy camper. Miscommunication is a divider to anygroup and I know most of this is in my head but my husband thinks its hysterical, a Brownie Coo. If you have read any of my past entries you will know that I love my job as a Leader and take it seriously, and that from the get-go the other parents didn't want anyresposiblity, I had to beg for a CO-leader to be just on paper, and now they all of a sudden want to run it all.


  1. LOL I know mindless drama of a Stay at home Mom just trying to do what she can for her kids! lol I dought anyone will get past the first entry LOL.

  2. yes adults can act very much like - well - myyy age group and below -ahem- but it's just part of life, you are doing the best you can do - and just don't worry about it - God will take care of it don't you think? Take care,

  3. I hope it all works out. Have you been able to talk to your co-leader about this yet? I'm curious to the outcome. I wonder how they would have felt had you been the one out late w/ their daughter's? Prob as upset as you. We'll see. Blessings...

  4. I have never been involved in any type of Club that this stuff didn't go on. You will always have "snakes' in the group. This is what makes the "good" folks leave in disgust. Who suffers? The Club does because it loses its competent people. Sorry for your stress about all this. If you can "get by it" then you can still have some fun. Remember, there is always revenge.... Yeah, right. That's the problem, the good people don't stoop to do that. Regards, Bill.