Sunday, December 7, 2003

Part 1 Venting and unloading

In journal land we are all up set, and grieving over a loss, a true loss, of a favorite friend.  My soul is so very sad right now and there is so much I would like to put out there, but know that it will not be popular I may refrain.  Frank was very talented in his writing and many loved him.  I read an article about him and didn't even Know he had children or that he was a reporter.  People show you only what they want you to know I guess.  He was very entertaining.

This is the second time in Journal Land where we are faced with death of a friend, yes I know Raven was a hoax but the feelings are just as real right.  It could have been a true sanrio with her just as it is with Frank.  What makes me so up set is, I feel like I did not do my part, my job.  I never once talked to them, even though I read his journal often.  I never showed the Love of Christ to him or spoke in to his life.  And now I will never be able to, all bets are off, chances are gone, the end is the end.  The fact is I didn't love him as I should have.  I didn't have him set on my heart and to pray for his salvation.  I know ultimately God knows for if he wanted to he would have sent his servants to him, would he of rejected them? Or would he embrace Jesus with arms wide open?  I think I am sad because the though of Frank in hell is worse than I can bear.  Yes, I know some don't believe in Hell, and dang it is so insensitive for me to even mention it.  Well, this is my journal, my thoughts and my world view. If you choose not to believe in Hell or Heaven or Jesus, you will just have to wait and see when you get there, but Now is the time to make your choices, don't wait till the end, your end.  You make a choice every day weather to receive or reject and those choices is what determines your final destination. 


  1. Huny I have only just read part one going on to part two but before I read part two I just wanted to tell you that don't allow the enemy to beat you up.....cause God does know the end..our end and what you have put here in part one is good...Peoples hearts are going to be moved and drawn to have planted a seed I will go to part two...God of Peace give You Peace.

  2. hunybea, i think your words are very sweet and honest. but you shouldn't feel bad for not having the chance to speak to frank about God. you touch alot of ppl's lives and you shouldn't be sad because you alone can't save everyone. just think of all the ppl you have been able to help. it helps me reading your journal even if i don't agree with everything you write. i still love hearing that someone has so much faith and trys to help others. God bless you and your family.