Tuesday, December 16, 2003

  This is perty much the image that Josh came home to today.  OMG was he pissed.  Rightly so.  But after this busy weekend I just crashed, and the kids took advange.  Top it off my montly friend flow came for a visit and that always takes it out of me.  Why does all the drama in my life happen around that time of the month?? LOL must be me and my hormons, not the rest of the World right.  So anyways my house is so trashed and I am so in the dog house. Where is the Cat in The Hat when you need him?I have dishes to do and laundry to fluf and fold, i have floors that need to be swept and moped and mail that needs to be read and tossed.  I am a mess for a flybaby, sigh, I know I will go shine my sink and that will get me in the mood and help me center.  But dont you wish we could have one the Cat and The Hat, the org. one, come in with his crew and clean up the mess. LOL  I know, I have a maid, its ME.  A bit of an update.  Finaly talked with my Co-Leader.  Not as confrantional as I pictured it to be.  We talked like adults and came to the conclusion that we have a comuniation problem and need to work on that, and other nice plesant chit chat that adults do when they are being nice to each other and all that jazz.  Anyways so the troop meeting is at my house tomorrow and I have to plan it and I have to face the parents myself since my Co-Leader and her daughter can't make it.  So why am I sitting here on my puter when I have to find that darn Cat In The Hat and clean this mess up??

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  1. when you find that cat in the hat service send them my way.lol