Wednesday, December 17, 2003

A Big HO HO to you all.

OMG look what Josh got lastnight!!!!!!  It is toooooo funny!  He saw it earlier this month and thought it would be perfect for his dad.  His dad collects those dancing and singing Santas.  This one sings like 5 differnt songs, dances, and you can plug a mic up to him and speak threw him.  If you plug him into a radio he will dance to the music playing on it. He is also set off if you walk by him. For over $60 he better LIKE IT! I am cracking up over this thing!  I can just see Nana that lives with his dad, dancing with him.  He is so life like!

As you can see we had some fun with him first, to test him out before we give it to his dad. I am glad it is going over there and we wont keep him.  It would freak me out and oh the kids I am sure would not leave him alone.  I would have nightmares about naughty Santa climing into bed with us.  Did you see him! He grabed my butt! LMBO ROTFL  I had taken some pics of Josh setting him up, not so flattering pics.  We wresled over the camera for over half an hour.  He won ofcourse cuz he is a big brute lol and deleted them.  I had to bribe him with cookies to let me take pics of him taking it down.  All for you guys, to give you a chuckle. Hope you enjoy them and laugh as hard as we did last night.  I told him he better put him away or else Santa might find his way to our bed and then there would really be some intresting pics to post of him on the internet. (evil laugh heheehee)

Starting to feel the Christmas Spirit  ~8-D


  1. Hey you! That Santa is HUGE! I can't believe I made the pick list. Ok so you are right.. and you told me so. I still can't believe it. But Santa well he had in the bag the whole time. talk to you soon.

  2. we have a big santa like that at work. when anyone walks by it, he starts dancing and singing. i usually turn him pitcures. your hair is beautiful, hunybea. that's the first time i've seen a pit of you showing how long it is. i wish mine would grow that long. mine gets a certain length and stops growing.