Friday, December 12, 2003

Who do they think they are fooling?! So annoying..

Pairs HiltonAm I the only one who is sick of getting this type of spam " Pairs Hilton Video here"  Oh and  the fake "You've Got Pictures
Somone Has Sent You Their Private Album Online!
Click Here To View Your Pictures

#1 I dont know who Paris Hilton is and could care less (yes I have been clued in that she a little rich girl with her own reality show now) Nor do I want to see her getting it on in my e-mail box!

 #2 Really, who is behind these fake AOL e-mails.  You can tell so easy that it is an attempt to steal your password and screen name.  Anyone with half a brain can tell that.  Remember ppl, NEVER give out your password online or other wise.  AOL will never ask you for it besides the sign on screen. This means if you get an Intant Kiss from aol or if you get a big long oh fake bill for roeses you didnt order and they ask you to go to a very generic webpage and ask you to sign in there, DONT DO IT. Report all those e-mails to TOS.

 Those are the top spammers that have been hitting my e-mail box lately and I am sick of the waste of time it is for me to report spam, and tos and delet them.  UGH!


  1. And this is with AOL spam filters?!!

  2. Get AOL 9 and delete spam. Works for me. Not much junk mail anymore. : )

  3. I also suggest getting 9.0 so you can just push a button and it disappears...reported and everything. I didn't know who Paris Hilton was but now that you said it, I think I heard of the show....Also be CAREFUL about blank emails. They aren't really blank. I don't know why, but I've been on AOL for about 8 years without an issue and now have had 3 in a short time. So if you get a "blank email", do virus scans the next couple days (usually the 2nd or 3rd day it'll show)...

  4. Yes I do have 9.0 lol that was my point. Ya I have been getting blank e-mails too, but no virous have come up that I know of.

  5. I am using AOL 9 and I use a custom word list. Stopped nearly everything. It's strange because occassionally it's like my spam filters get turned off.

  6. I feel the same way! I hope you got everything took care of with your co leader. She sounds like a childish person! siempre, Shasta