Thursday, December 11, 2003

Calm Cool and Collected

I am all cooled down over that whole thing from Tue night.  I STILL haven't got to talk with her.  I didn't call her till today.  I got voice mail and left a message saying I wanted to meet with her in person before the weekend and talk about stuff and the troop.  It took me over a day to call her cuz I was ultra pissed and also I am not one that is very confrontational, some times I have to let my courage, even if I am in the right, build up and play it out in my head.  But I really want to get this all settled by the weekend.  That verse about "If you have ought with your brother, drop what you are doing and take it up with him before you offer up a sacrifice upon the alter" keeps running threw my head. Meaning to me, since I know this women claims to be a Christian also, she is my sister and that if I have a problem with her I should deal with it right away and not let it fester anymore.  That before I can offer anything up to God I have to take care of this problem first, or in his eyes anything I offer up will be no good to him, that I need a clean heart.  And Believe me, I have prayed and prayed and tried to turn it all over to him, but I can't get it out of my head lol. I even joked with my husband last night that if this got ugly we had to move so Annie can be with a differnt troop, cuz I dont want to have to keep dealing with these women. LOL but that thought has passed. I have deiced that I am not going to give up my position in the troop.  That if worst comes to worst I will call the troop coordinator and talk with her about all this and ask her to maybe meet with all of us to mediate over the situation.  But before that happens I want to talk face to face with my CO-Leader.  This is our first year so ofcourse things are not going to be all perfect.  We are still learning and should leave room for growing.  I know at the end of it all I will have grown as a person and a Christian.

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  1. my granny was my girl scout leader. i was in scouts from 2nd grade until the beginning of 9th. fortunatley her sister was her co-leader so they didn't have alot of mishaps. it sounds like this lady has overstepped her boundries and didn't show you any respect by keeping your daughter out late. i think you are doing the right thing by trying to talk to her and correct the situation before it gets worse. good luck.