Thursday, December 18, 2003

Helping Give your child a longer life

Here is a very intresting artical I read today on AOL Parenting about how the choices we make now for our children will effect them all the way up threw adulthood.  A big DUH! I know.  But there is some good info and some practicies I am doing now with my kids and some things I should probly work on.  In reading the artical it talks about limiting juice intake! I thought it was bad to let them drink too much milk and that juice was ok for them to have threw out the day, but this says it is just as bad as soda or other sugary drinks.  Another scarry thing I read was that plag on childrens arteries can already start to form as early as 3yrs!  This leads to many problems ofcourse.  The biggiest thing is our childrens diets and how much they are active and get exercise.  All things as parents we can have some degree of control over. Ofcours we all want to give our kids the best start but some times lets just face it, we are not very good examples and we get lazy and lask on our dueties.  I am going to make it part of our New Year Goals to cut back on T.V. time and to just get down and play with them. Another thing is keep introducing foods even if they have rejected them before.  It says it takes up to 15 times of offering some foods for them to actaly accept it and eat it. Don't give it up lol  Good report and I highly recomend all parents read it.


  1. Very interesting!! A doctor told a friend of mine that kids should NOT eat peanut butter! It is terrible for their arteries. He said he would never give his kids peanut butter! I was raised on it myself:)

  2. OMG my kids would die with out peanutbutter! It is a staple in my 2and 3yrds diets. Especialy Lilly(3) she is so picky and I thought that the peanutbutter was a good way for her to get protien. humm

  3. it's strange b/c when i was on wick during pregnancy it has juice, peanut butter, cheese,milk on it. my baby loves milk and i have been trying so hard to get her to drink juice during the day b/c i thought too much milk was bad. turns out she knows better than article...thanks hunybea