Monday, December 15, 2003

Church play and Tree Trimming

Been messing with pictures from yesterday all day today.  We went out after church to get a new tree topper and picked up this year's family ordiment.  Found it at Cosco.  A set of picture ordiment frames, perfect cuz it came in set of six.  So I have been editing the pics I took yesterday and printing them out to put on the tree.  I must need new ink cuz they are not coming out the best.  I was going to also print the names and date on them but I got frustraited with it lol.

The play was cute and we had a nice dinner afterwards with church. We got all dressed up, I found something to wear but the shoes I had on was tourcher.  Ugh and I went shopping in them so today my feet are killing me.  As you can see from the pics we got a tree toper.  It reminds both me and Josh of ones we had as kids. So much better than the some of the gaudy ones they had out there.  So we have only suffered two ordiment casulties, ugh, better make that 3 I think Sophia just got to one.  I tried to have the breakable ones up high plus we have the tree on a table, but she is a sneeky one.

We got our family presnt online last night with the promise it will arrive by Christmas.  We will see I guess.  Basicly a new toy for Josh. One of those digital camcorders. We have been wanting one for along time, we miss not having home movies.  But guess who is going to be the one to figure out how it all works and how to do all the kewl computer stuff with it?  Ya you guessed it ME>. LOL

I also ordered something that I am going to do with the teens at church.  Took up most of the money josh was going to give me, but I really feel this is more important than cloths I was going to buy and I have been talking about doing this for over a year.  Certain things going on has just confirmed it in my spirit that I can not sit on it any longer.  The program is called Making Abortion Unthinkable.  I am sure I will be talking about this in later posts as I get into the classes and you know the charter limit on here lol. .


  1. Sounds like you have been a busy little HunyBea!!! The photos are terrific! That girl in photo number 7 looks a lot like one of my granddaughters:)

  2. great pitcures!! i think that program you're going to do with the teens sounds wonderful! it is so sweet of you to take your money and give up things for yourself to do this program. go, hunybea!!

  3. Nice looking family. You are blessed. I hope your holiday season is a very happy one. My Regards, Bill.