Friday, April 1, 2005

Annie blessed my heart tonight..

Tonight was the annual fundraiser dinner/talent show for church camp.

Wednesday Zane and Annie decided they wanted to enter. The perfectionist in me told them it is too late to enter, no way you can do well on such short notice.. ya that wasn't very supportive and I am smacking my self for it now.  Zane just very recently heard the song in my journal (baby got book)and LOVES it and wanted to do a dance/lipsinc to it and Annie got a hold of one of my CDs and wanted to sing a song off of it.  If they had decided on this last week instead of two days before the show then I may of been more excited about it.  I thought they had dropped the idea, or more like I had talked them out of it.

Today Zane started to complain of a sharp pain in his belly but it comes and goes, not constant.  The nurse, who Josh insisted I call ASAP, said if it was his appendix the pain would be more server and would be constant but more likely he has got that nasty virus that has been going around and to be expecting vomiting and diarrhea.  So I prepared for the worse and stocked up on drinks with the electrolytes and was certain we would miss the talent show tonight because Josh has been working over time and I was not about to leave my sick son home alone. I prayed that God would touch him so he wouldn't be as sick as the nurse predicted and also Lilly prayed, all her own idea.. so very cute. Several phone conversations with Josh threw out the day and we came to the point where he insisted me and the girls go and that Zane would only be left alone 15 min. max and he would talk with him on his cell till he walked in the door.  I guess I could live with that but still I stalled to the very last second and ended up waving at Josh as I passed him on the way out of the drive way, so my worry was for nothing.  In my rush to get out the door I had not noticed that Annie had taken my CD with her.

The theme this year was Hawaiian and the church was decked out and everyone was wearing fun spring prints and saddles.  It just so happen that I got the girls some cheap sunglasses when I got the drinks at Wal-Mart so they fit in pretty well.  Annie right away dragged me over to Chris and Lisa who coordinated the event and asked if she could please still do her song in the show and showed them that she even had a CD to sing with.  They were very nonchalant about it and said as long as she felt comfortable being second that would be just fine with them.  Annie was very excited and I was cringing inside knowing that she was not very prepared. I know Annie had been singing to my cd in her room but I took it more as her playing not being serious about it.

When it was her turn she got up there and thought she looked very cool in her sunglasses.  Chris gave her a mic and she looked stunned, not sure what to do next until the music started.  Then she closed her eyes and sang her little heart out to my favorite praise and worship song of all time.. as you all should know by now.. Jesus Lover Of My Soul. 

Even though they had the music up too loud and you could hardly hear her she still sang it word for word with her eyes closed and was really as they say, feeling it. Ohhh I wish I had video taped it.. it was so precious. Even though she was not the best singer, she still made me cry and I am still tearing up as I write about it. It wasn't about her voice or being prepared or any of that, she just wanted to sing that song because she knew Mommy loves that song and she wanted to help raise money to go to camp this summer!  I will carry this memory with me till the day I die of my sweet little girl giving her whole heart as she sang the words to the song that is very significant to my life.

Annie amazes me more often then I give her credit for, ALL MY CHILDREN DO but today's post is about her.  As a parent I often feel ill equipped and that maybe I am not doing all that I can or should and some how they pick up the slack and still turn out all right.  Another thing she did recently and I must really copy this and do myself, is she made a special spot in her room.  It is in the corner and she hung a banner she made at Church Camp last year and some other little pictures she had drawn and one of her old baby blankets on the floor.  She told me this is my special place for me to go and be with God, alone time with just him and her.   Yesss Annie has blessed my heart!

Thank you Lord for this precious child that you put in my care for a short time.  She teaches me more about you than any Sunday Morning sermon.  May her heart stay on you as she grows and may she keep this perfect reflection of you in her eyes.  I hold that promise you have in your Word dearly that says to raise a child up in the way they should go and when they are old they will not depart from it.  Lord help me to raise her up how you want me to, so that when she is old she will still love you and serve you. IN JESUS NAME I PRAY. AMEN.


  1. We all feel we mess up too often. Its so sad we just fcant be perfect and there is not a book on it. I wish you had pics to share it sounds so cute. way to go annie!!!!!!!!!!!!  Sure bet Josh would loved to have seentoo. HEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! have her do an encore at home!!!!!!!!! take pics and show us too. so cute. yeah i owuld be nervouse about leaving mine at home too. I stil am.!!!!!!!!!!

  2. oh, and btw. your kids totally rock!

  3. oh, and btw. your kids totally rock!

  4. AMEN!!!!!!!

  5. Hooray for Annie!! Also, Hooray for you and the time you take to give your kids a good upbringing. My Regards, Bill.