Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Doing the MATH and New Journals to visit!!

So I got the call from the guy we are working with to maybe buy a house.  He said right now we are pre-approved for $131,000 with a 3% down payment (doing the math.. is that 3,600??)  I was hoping for a bit more like 139,000 to 140,000 but at least now we have a guide to go off of what is our price range.  I am thinking the best plan is to wait another year and then see how we look.  I did tell him we wanted to look at the inside of that rental house we saw yesterday and made an appointment for Friday at 6.  I wasn't sure if Josh was going to work on his side jobs or not in the next few days so I thought Friday would be a safe bet.  LOL I drove by it again this morning after I dropped the kids off at school (yes I over slept again) and I am liking it more and more.. but I am holding off falling in LOVE with it until we see the inside.  I plan on brining my camera and taking pics! So ya, you can all go along for the ride with us and give  your much valued input LOL.

Last night I did a trot around J~Land a little.  I ran across some brand spanking new, just published, baby journals that I feel worthy of helping out and pimping here so you can all discover them as well.

So go over and encourage them and show them what an awesome community J~Land is!!!

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Remember when you first started out and how you loved each and every new comment!  And how you had to figure out a lot of stuff about these journals and how they work!  So go and be a good neighbor!!


  1. I can not wait till we see the inside. I hope you dont have to wait a year. GIRL!!!!!!!!! You really ought to try FmHA. The only down you need is the first months house payment, The insurance on it and a lawyers fee of around $300. that usually costs less than or around $700. Much more attainable. AND FmHA fixes the house up spick and span and they also build new houses. LIke mine was being built when I got it so I got to pick out brick and color schemes. carpet and linolium. you go to the USDA office. Then your housepayment also goes according to your income so the governement pays part of it. But if you refinace in five years its not too much at all the pay off. Go thru a regular bank. I have known so many to do that and get back on thier feet after bad credit. Its so much better. Because they make sure the house has nothing wrong when you move in.

  2. Amen and Praise the Lord for all He is doing in your lives sis..I am quite sure that God will work this all out for and with you...My thoughts and prayers are with you and Josh to grow even closer to Him and that in that you will know His will in your next steps in this life..
    God bless you Mary,
    In His Love,

  3. HEY MARY!!!  I hope everything works out for you guyZ getting a house!  I don't really know that much stuff about these kinds of things, because I'm only 16...and still live with my MOMMY!!!!  LOL!!  Have a great day!!  Now I'm off to check out those new journals!!  :o)

  4. Oh Mary how exciting and nerve racking at the same time. I hope you find a beautiful home for your family either this year or next year.