Saturday, April 23, 2005

The yellow house on Wild Winds Dr.

Yesterday we went in to look at that house that was lease with option to own.  I took a ton of pictures and sent them to Josh's mom and also so I could get all my J~Land friend's opinions.

For me this house has many pluses and some minuses.

Plusses first.

Location, Location, Location.  It is in the same area we live in now so the children would not have to move to a different school or loose touch from the friends they have now.  The neighbors seemed to keep up their properties very nicely.. that is important ya know.

Very large FENCED back yard.  I love that it has a patio right off from the kitchen.

Two full bathrooms, one on each level of the house.  We checked the water pressure by running the sinks and flushing the toilet and running the tub.. much better then where we are living now.

4 bedrooms with a potential for a 5th.

Nice sized living room with a window over looking the back yard.  I could send the kids out to play and see them from the inside. : )

The kitchen is a nice size with the addition made for the dinning area.  Extra cabinets installed and newer flooring down.  PLUS a dishwasher (something I have NEVER had in any of the houses we have lived in).

There is a closet right when you walk in the house for shoes and coats.

I like the front yard and it would be even nicer with some flowers.  Josh's mom LOVES to garden.


The carpet is just ugly all threw out the house.  The living room carpet is stained and dirty in many places.  The upstairs bedroom's carpets are like this ugly burnt color..old looking.  The flooring downstairs is shotty.  They really didn't lay the carpet in the two bedrooms down stairs.. just put what looks like remnants down on top of stick and peal tiles.

I have been spoiled on having hard wood flooring in this house we are in now and would prefer to have that.

The upstairs bedrooms are small and not much closet space in them.

The town stairs bedrooms we are not sure if since the windows are right at ground level if they will leak or how good they will keep in heat and cold.  There is some water damage and that is always a tattle tell sign of some leaking.

Really NO storage space bedsides the shed outside.  We have an airhocky/pinpong table that we got as a gift and would have to either store it or sell it.  Plus with Josh's mom living with us for awhile there is some things she has double that I am sure she wants to keep and store.

NO garage and small drive way.  Josh has his heart set on building a bike one day and with this house there would be no place to do that.  We have two running cars and his mom has one.  So two of our cars would have to be parked on the street and that leaves not much room for when visitors come.

The yard was really wet with standing water.  Yes we had rain for a few days but not that much I don't think.  The yard we currently have doesn't have standing water lol so I guess that tells about the ground and the way water is drained there. 

Not much privacy in the back yard.. fences are old and low.  (no back yard tanning I guess LOL)

The street is not side walkes but there doesn't seem to be too much traffic.

So to rent it would suit our needs, but not to own I think.  A lot of work I would think. 

He said if we signed a lease by May the rent would be $1,090 a month with $50 of that each month going towards a down payment that could be used for that house or any other house they have on the market.  We are not looking to move just yet.  We are thinking end of Jun mid July.  Josh's Mom is expecting to give her notice at work the second week of Jun.  I would say if they cleaned or redid the carpets all threw the house and maybe had Josh paint as part of the deposit I would be pleased.

Josh's mom prefers to have a room upstairs and I think Zane could stay up stairs also so we could keep the girls close to us.  I think the best would to for now keep all 3 girls in one room and use that open room for storage.  I know Annie has her heart set on her own room and she deserves it but we will see.

Tomorrow we are going to another open house.  Another yellow house that is in our neighborhood.  It is listed as a 3 bedroom with two full bathrooms with the option of a bathroom hook up in the basement.  Josh drove by it today and said it was in a little culdesac and the back yard was smaller but had larger privacy fencing and there were kids Lilly and Sophia's age playing around the other houses.  It has a garage.  Ofcourse I will bring my camera and take even more pictures of that house.


  1. WOW, rents are high there!  $1,000 to rent a house, whoa.  We live in UpState NY.  The taxes here are outrageous but I guess it looks like the housing is more affordable.  We bought a six bedroom house and our monthly payment is $730.  We just moved last summer.  Moving is rough with little ones... whew... But, as far as the first house goes.  There were a lot of minuses with our first house as well.  I guess you have to be stuck with less than the ideal when it comes to the first house and then move up from there when you go to buy the second, so they say.  But with the housing market being so unstable it makes me wonder what will happen in the future.

    We bought a house through a Community Development program which gave us our downpayment of $10,000.00 free and clear if we agreed to stay in the house for ten years.  Does your state have any kind of first time homeowner plans like that?  We moved out one year early and had to pay back $2000.00 of that money.  But, I say it was a great deal anyway.

  2. i really like the house. like i was telling you in IM my only concern is the possible leaking windows downstairs, and the mold.

    love ya!

  3. Well I guess if we could all affrod the perfect house that would be nice so yeah there has to be minuses. things you can add latter. Garages can be added later and thigns like that. I wonder why so many holes in walls looks like those people might have been the kind the neighbors are glad they moved LOL Maybe you can get htem to take less so that amount can be used to put laminate Pergo down. I got laminate to do my whole bedroom at a wholesale house for $200. Josh can lay it and its fast and I like better than hard wood becuawse it does not scratch with my dogs na dkids and hubby. Its easy clean to just damp mop. All in all its worth thinking about.