Saturday, April 16, 2005

*Scoff* Where is my Saturday Six??

Pat is dropping the ball! LOL He usually posts it after midnight so I can wake up on Sat and answer the weekly questions.  Has he forgot?  Is he being Lazy?  Doesn't he know we live each week just to get to Saturday so we can do the 6???!  I will pray that he just overslept since he is a busy t.v. writer producer type guy and has such an interesting life and it is not the worst.. he has jumped ship all together and found BlogSpot to be a better home then AOL'S J~Land.  Ohhh Patty'boy the pipes are calling.. LOL.

No but seriously.. where is the Saturday 6!

Just watch ..he posts them 2 seconds after I hit the save button and will make this post void and I will feel like an arse.  I don't care.. I dont have anything to write on.. that is why I needed the 6 questions LOL.


  1. yeah never fails just when you giv eup there it is.


  2. I dropped the ball, but I picked it up again!  :)

    They're up!  I'm flattered that you look forward to them!