Saturday, April 30, 2005

yess yess another game.. but this one is a good one!

A fun game!!!   Becky was the first journal I saw this in but a few of you are doing it and I replyed for you to say something about me.  I will gather those up Monday and post them here.. so I can always remember what my friends had to say about me. LOL Now if you want me to say something nice about you, comment in this post.

Reply to this post and I will tell you something nice!  Although it may be Monday before I can!


  1. Say something nice about me!!!

  2. I think your awesome but you dont have to say anything nice to me.

  3. Now I like this game.  Mary is just wonderful.  I know she must be laughing just now at that remark but I mean it.  She goes out of her way to help people and I am convinced she has the gift of hospitality. When I first read her journal I saw that she was a woman of great conviction.  She acts on her convictions as well as being the salt and light of the earth.  She's just adorable, and like I told her once before, I am so proud of her.

    p.s.  Don't feel obligated to lay it on thick like this in my journal.  Hahahahaha....

    p.s. p.s.  She's the one that told me I ought to leave my journal address after I comment.  Great idea.  I go nuts trying to trace down the other journals when they don't leave it!

  4. Here I am ......say whatever you want.  I'm to the age and stage in life where it really doesn't matter to me anymore what folks say.....well it doesn't hurt me if it ain't nice, but it's nice if it is.  Barbara

  5. Okay count me *Louise*