Saturday, April 9, 2005

Saturday 6 Time

You know the drill.. Thanks Pat for the weekly questions.

1. Where did you buy the last fast food you ate? Get the door it is Domino's.  I think it was Wed?

2. What was the last movie you watched in a theater? As a family.. Shrik 2 at the cheap show too many a months ago and Just me and Hubby.. Last summer The Manchurian Candidate.. I recomend the org. black n white verson.

3. When you walk into a room, what do you think people notice first about you?  What do you wish they'd notice first about you? It used to be my very very long hair.. but now that it has been chopped I am not sure.  What would I wish ppl would notice about me.. nothing.. shreek away.. don't look at mee! LOL.

4. You win a special lottery but you aren't allowed to keep any of the money.  Instead, it must go to a single charitable organization.  Which would you choose and why? A ministry called Small Victiories.  They proclaim the truth at the Abortion mills.. help women and thier families who do change thier minds find help, they also have a local broad cast on KJSL 630 a.m here in STL.

5. What was the subject of the most recent E-mail you forwarded? A Joke about a guy who married a women from KY LOL ") at Lori.

6. Without looking, which of the previous five questions would you most expect to have been asked in the very first episode of the "Saturday Six?"  After you answer, if you go back to the first edition, don't reveal the answer here. # 2 sonds familar but I have NO CLUE.  I have only been playing since the end of last summer.. well that still is a long time.  Guess we will have to go to Pat's first one.


  1. I love the manchurian candidate. Yes and I liked that jok e too> I retold to Todd LOL

  2. OMGosh, you just reminded me, I NEED to go rent Shrik 2 - I so want to see that still!

    Monica who doesn't want to be noticed when I walk in a room either.