Thursday, April 28, 2005

F.Y.I. on H.R. 748

I am HAPPY to report that The Child Interstate Abortion Notification Act (H.R 748), commonly known as CIANA, pass by 270 AYES to 157 NOES with 7 Not Voting.

   This is the first time I have ever gone to a government web site and looked up the wording of a bill and to see who and what a vote's out come was.  Very cool all this information is at our finger tips and we can find out this stuff independently.  

I recommend you click here and see how your representative voted on this Bill and e-mail them about it.  It is your voice people.. USE IT! Don't be lazy.  If you are happy about how your congressmen voted... let them know about it and encourage them and if you are not happy with how they voted.. again let them know how disappoint you are with them.. and to the 7 that did not vote.. I would ask why they were absent from that vote and if they are going to repay you for that day they missed? (lol ya as if)  

I feel like I took part, and was responsible with my citizenship.  I saw something I was very unhappy about and asked my representative to be my voice about it.. I wrote him and encouraged others to write their representatives about it. I feel blessed to be an American where I can do that as opposed to some nations where they can not.  

Whooh.. is Mary becoming an activist here?? LOL Don't know if that is what you would call it but I do feel good that children will not be allowed to be taken across state lines for an abortion with out consent by their parents (if the state they live in has consent and notification laws).   

 How and if it will be enforced is another question.  

Plus the Senate still has to pass it.. so keep track of it in the Senate and write your Senators about it.


  1. activist?  I feel that you are definitely doing your part.  Many people pay no attention to what the government is doing & have no idea what laws are out there that are just plain outrageous.  

    You took the time to find out, get the information, write your reps, put it in your journal to alert others about it, gave them all the links & even now are following up on it all.  I call that AWESOME.  I hope you will continue to track this issue and post about it.  

    You're a wonderful chick, no doubt at all!  Lots of love to you!!

  2. Yeah!  This is great!  And thank you Mary for making us aware of the issue!  So much our congress does or doesn't do goes unreported or unnoticed until it directly effects us.         Barbara

  3. Wow, that is such wonderful news!  I don't know why they like to classify people who do the right thing for their society and children's future "activits", as if it's something someone does whose a little "off" and has that as their hobby or interest or something.  Like it's extracurricular to Christianity or something.  I think we all should be "activists" like it says in the Bible... "Faith without works is dead."  I don't mean to sound like I'm talking to you as if I were your grandmother or something.  But, Mary I'm so proud of you.  I wish there were more gals out there like you.  You truly do show forth the light of Christ by being the salt of the earth.  Thanks so much.

  4. Good for you Mary!  One person can make a did your part and let us know and now we can do ours...thank you!


    Thanks for amking a difference Mary!! :o)
    HUgs & Blessings,