Friday, April 8, 2005

Flat Zane.. I have such a cool Anut for doing all this with him!

My son's 4th grade class did the Flat Stanley Project at the beginning of the year, where they make a flat min me and send it off and ask that person to take them on adventures and send back pics and post cards and the flat self in April.  I had asked one of my ~J friend's in New York if we could send Flat Zane to her but she didn't want that responsibility lol and then I asked my online friend in London if we could send him there but that fell threw also.  So my mom suggested Aunt Mary & Uncle Jerry.  They live in Tomahawk Wisconsin or as I often refer to it, The Back Woods lol.  I knew they would take great care of Flat Zane because they are so fawnd of the real Zane.  They are retired and do alot of travling sometimes and as you can see they did some cool stuff with Flat Zane when he was with them.  Zane brought home the nice photo album they had sent to the school with all the pics and postcards.  I am so thankful that my Aunt and Uncle were cool enough to take the time and do all that with him.  I know they would love for the real Zane to come and visit with them and he is asking to go this summer.  That remains to be seen because he is already going to camp this summer and I do not look forward to the 10 hour drive or so it would take to go all the way to the Back Woods to drop him off.  But I know he would get alot out of a visit with them.  When we saw them at my mom's wedding Uncle Jerry.. who is retired Army and has always been a bit intimdating to me really was impressed with Zane and said he could come and visit him anytime.. but just him, no girls LOL.

I was talking with my friend who's son is in Zane's class and she told me her son sent his flat self to her Uncle in CA. and had pics on his web site. YOU have to check it out.  They did some funny things with Flat Dylan. (mostly a copy of him so the org woudn't be messed up she said)  I think the funniest ones is where he caught fire and also where he was sucked into the hot tub filter LOL.  Some ppl have too much time on their hands!


  1. Hi Mary!!!!!  Yeah so you are like TOTALLY COOL!!!!  Seriously...what an example you are!!  THANK YOU!!!!  :o)

  2. Thats pretty darn neat. COOL places Flaty went. You should have sent him to ky I would have had him help us on our projects LOL

  3. Now that sounds like a fun project!  Hope Flat Zane had a blast!  LOL

  4. Sounds like so much fun. It is nice of your Aunt to do this for your son. Not all Aunt's would. Hugs. *Barb*

  5. Flat Dylan is too cool, hope your doing well Honeybea.