Saturday, April 16, 2005

The Journal Jar..

Have you guys heard of this yet?? I am behind on the fads going around here I guess.. first I miss my Sat 6 and now this! LOL So I had to go and get one of my own.. a journal for The Journal Jar questions.  I got the idea from Jaime.

So here it is.. me pimping my own journals..

Hunybea's Journal Jar *not to be substituted for my acutal Open Journal *wink*


  1. Yeah been there a few times to the original. I m just so far behind and it happend so fast I cant catch up.

  2. i'm too lazy to start another i'll prob. answer some of the questions in my reg. journal.......  but i'll def. keep track of yours.  it is a pretty groovy thing.....wish i wasn't so far behind.

  3. I'll go buzz over and check it out. :)
    Vickey (where I do my Journal Jar answers)