Wednesday, April 6, 2005

What in the World is going on with my daughter!

For as much as AnnMarie blessed my heart last week it seems like she is trying my sanity this week.

Report cards came out at spring break and she did just fine on hers.  Normally there is a card or an envelope to sign.  I distinctly remember asking her for it when she gave me hers.  She said she didn't have one and I asked Zane if he had one to sign either and he said no. I didn't think it a big deal.

Monday they went back to school .. whaahoo.. and everything seemed fine. Tuesday Zane come running in the house off the bus yelling "Annie is in troubleeeeeeee" and she was right on his heals saying "Nooo I am noooot!" giving Zane the look of death.

"Annie signed your name on her report card envelope MOM.. I know cuz her teacher asked me to look at it and see if it was yours or not!"

"What! Annie you didn't do that did you? You told me there wasn't anything to sign.  Why would you lie, your report card was great?"

"Oh but she did mom.. in pencil.  You need to erase it and sign it in pen" Zane said almost gloating.

(ohh geezzz) "Annie bring it here and let me see it"

She gives it to me and it is very apparent of what she did.  She ripped her report card out of the envelope in such a hurry to give it to us and maybe sneak a peak first and forgot about it all together. That is fine, but forging my signature at school when it was time to turn them in is not fine.  I am mixed with emotions on this one.. it is funny and I am trying not to laugh out loud but I am also frustrated. She was all in tears because she figured she was going to really GET IT from me.  I told her DONT LIE to me, you get in less trouble when you lie then when you do. I gave her a hug and then told her she had to tell her dad about it when he got home (punishment in of it's self I think)

When the school showed up on my caller ID today I groaned.  Anytime I have gotten a call from them is because of one of the kids having Lice or being hurt on the play ground.  I know the school nurse too well I think. I was very relieved to hear it was Annie's teacher and not the nurse. I figured she just wanted to touch base about the envelope situation. And that was part of our conversation and did you know MY SON asks his sister's teacher almost every day if she had a good day or not? I don't know if that is sweet or if he is fishing for things to get her in trouble.  I am the big sister in myfamily.. I know how it works lol but I do remember asking my own brother's teachers how he was doing partly because I loved him and was concerned and also because if he was bad I could be the first to tell. Well the conversation went to but that is not the reason for my call.. I am a bit concerned by her choices lately. They have timed tests and apparently she used yesterday's test to look at the answers for today's test! SHE CHEATED!, I screamed on the inside.  The teacher wasn't so concerned as much that she cheated but that she lied about it when questioned (the girl sitting next told on her).

She just wanted me to be informed, she didn't want her to be in trouble or anything but thought since she has been acting so "goofy" lately I should know.  I told her I would  have stern chat with AnnMarie.

This is not like my child at all. At least I don't think it is.  I would like to think my children are honest, especially at school, where they reflect me and their father.

So to re-cap.. She forged my signature, cheated on a test and LIED.. ALL IN ONE WEEK!

Waiting till she gets home.. not sure how I am going to handle this.


  1. i'd give her some boundaries. call the teacher at the end of the week, and get an update on her behavior and attitude. and just talk to her. something or someone has got to be bothering her.

  2. OH my goodness. You need to teach her about it this time I htink but in a careful way. Likelet her talk to someone in jail who cheated on tests his whole life!!!!!!!! finda  way like that. let her talk to an older kid maybe who has learned.