Monday, April 4, 2005

Jesus, Lover Of My Soul

Been wanting to write an entry but nada comes to mind.  I was going threw my music and discovered that I did have my fav song after all, so ofcourse I had to put it in my journal.. come hear the song that I talk about all the time! LOL

I can't think who org. sang this song and I know the artist doing it in my journal is not exactly like how we sing it at church or how I like to sing it.  It is more slow, I like to sing it at the top of my lungs a bit faster.  I have no sense of rhythm or time anyways lol.

I can't fully explain why this song means so much or why it touched me so deeply.  Maybe it was because that day I truly started to worship and praise him, the day the light seemed to turn on in a dark room, first touch by the Holy Spirit, a day that changed me for ever.  Everyone's salvation story is different and unique and very personal, because he is a personal God.  He uses many ways to touch people but always bringing his to himself threw Jesus Christ.  My "aww haa or light bulb moment!" day was when I heard this song and the tears just started flowing.  I had known about who Jesus was most of my life and I had prayed the prayer of salvation prior to hearing this song but it just seems that after that day I was truly changed, I really knew who he was and it was all the difference between heart knowledge and head knowledge. All the details are in my testimony web page if you care to read it or haven't yet.

And even though that was over 5yrs ago now this song still ministers to me and touches me.  When I seem to be feeling a bit down or detached some how or another this song plays at church or as I wrote before about standing up in church and talking about Silent No More this song was sung.  Not many ppl on the worship team knew that song is so special to me so anytime I hear it I feel it is him encouraging me, that he is still here with me no matter what I am facing at that time.  When my daughter sang it for the talent show it was also like God telling me that he has his hand on her that it was ok, she is his and will always be, just like I am his and will always be.



  1. again and cant say hello. gee i feel so unloved. i need to find this ghost thing so you will never know im on.

  2. welll I ll have to go listen to this song.. I pull it up son songs dont load becuase they slow things down. I go back after I read my journals. Did you get the waht if I stumble song??????????

  3. Music speaks to me more than any other thing so I know how this song touches your spirit, making it soar. Certain songs do it for me too, two of them being,
    "How Great Thou Art" and "Amazing Grace."

  4. that is sweet........ i always get teary eyed when i hear "amazing grace".  it's a popular song, but it still holds a special meaning for me.  i had never heard this song before that you love.  it is beautiful.